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Kanye Does London Fashion Week While The Carters Do The Jersey/ Knicks Game (Photo’s)


With the news being released first thing this morning that Watch The Throne WILL be doing a London + European Tour I was so thankful to the most high for answering my prayers! Like we havent had to wait long enough already! Cha!

Here in our city at London Fashion Week Kanye checks out what’s good at the Mark Fast Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection in Somerset House whilst prepping for his debut in Paris next month. And those damn heavyweight new Air Yeezy’s dropping in March are bleeding gorgeous and I repeat they BETTER come in a size 3 for Me to rock!

And with The Carters overseas it nice to see they’re taking a break and enjoying some time together. Hitting up the New York Knicks taking on the New Jerseys, the couple do what they do best with autographs and enjoying each other’s company. Natural faced B keeps the swag on point and you can tell there aren’t much nannies around- happy there attending to Blu properly!


EXCLUSIVE Kanye West & Jay-Z & Ni**as In Paris Video


It’s here! With beautiful animation from animals to archeiture, lasers and artwork we are now watching The Throne. And from the visuals and exclusive screening last night at Shoreditch station the fully awaited visual has dropped for the bougie track Ni**as I Paris taken off the successful Watch The Throne EP. Even though the UK still have NOT been excited with a show for their latest collaboration (rolls eyes)

With Kanye gearing up for his March 6th self titled fashion line in Paris, rumours of a second short art-esque film in the works and with Jay on daddy duties, I’ll let them off the hook as the do “get the people going”

WARNING:This video has been identified with epilepsy action to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

*A Must Watch* Jay-Z 1st Performance of “Glory” With Beyonce In The Crowd


There back! Jay-Z took to the stage for his charity concert at Carnegie Hall for his two-day mini concert last night. And what a night it was. With the help of Alicia Keys + Nas to help rock the crowds with his memorable anthems we also got to see other half Mrs Carter looking quite flat in the tummy only one month after giving birth to their daughter Blue Ivy! Homegirl must be doing some serious excercise or she has on one hell of a spandex. Either way the new mum looked hott with her post Ivy figure in a get up of Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin + a fitting red Alice Temperlry. Even though the little bundle of joy was not in the crowd with her mama supporting daddy giving tribute to her both B + Jay showed their love in big and small ways.

Copy this link into your browser for the NY Times full review of the had to be there night below;

Check out the heartfelt performance below- sounds like the jigga man was keeping them tears back…Awww



This is what the world has been waiting for, and with Daddy Carter giving us a little insight with a few simple words of what Parenthood is actually doing to them as we speak, Mamma B has followed up also letting us in on their new Girl Glory.

Last week Twitter went into a frenzy when Jay took to the social site to say- see below:

And now Mummy has followed up with an exclusive interview with Star Magazine! Check out what she has to say so far on their one week new-found lifetime experience!

Kisses to STAR Magazine xxx

Talking exclusively to Star in her first interview since giving birth, Beyonce Knowles told us she had an “instant connection” with her daughter Blue Ivy.

Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy earlier this month and the singer admitted the experience was overwhelming.

She told us: “Nothing can describe the feeling. You have the instant connection once you know your child is growing inside you, but when you hold it for the first time, the words can’t be found.

“It’s an old cliché that the thing expectant moms look forward to the most is holding their child in their arms for the first time, but it’s one of those clichés that is a real truth.”

Beyonce revealed Jay-Z is equally excited about being a father and said they couldn’t wait to bring their daughter home.

She explained: “I am so excited. From the time I knew I was pregnant we have been parents.

“A child is the greatest gift you can receive, and we are so excited and blessed to be in this situation.

“We are all great, we are just glad to be going home and starting this new stage of our life.

“The hospital staff have all been so great, but we were ready to go home and show our beautiful daughter where she will be living.”

Awwww! Welcome to our world Carter’s, welcome! xxx

NEWS **Blue Ivy Carter** Leaves Lennox Hill Hospital & Mr Hill Relases Statement On The Carter’s $1.3 Million Takeover


Following up on the allegations that the Blue’s Mum and Dad went OTT for her arrival on Saturday and hired out the entire ante natal floor, Lennox Hill has released an official statement to shut down all rumors once in regards to taking over and other parents claims of bringing their newborn’s into the world at the same time as them.

Check out what he said below:

“Lenox Hill Hospital and its staff were delighted to welcome the Carter family for the birth of their firstborn on Saturday evening, but we are troubled by the misinformation being circulated in some news media reports. The suggestion that the couple paid $1.3 million to rent an entire maternity floor is simply not true. The family is housed in an executive suite at the hospital and is being billed the standard rate for those accommodations. Our executive suites are available for any patient, including the food service and amenities provided to the Carter family.

“The family does have its own security detail on site. However, the hospital has been and continues to be in control of managing all security at the facility. We have made every effort to ensure minimal disruption to other families experiencing the births of their own children over the past three days. No security plan that we or the Carters’ security team put in place would have prevented or delayed families from gaining access to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and to date, no families have complained to the hospital about being denied access to the NICU.

“Lenox Hill Hospital takes patient privacy and safety very seriously. And while we congratulate the Carter family on the birth of their child, we value the loyalty of ALL of our patients and always strive to ensure a positive experience, knowing that the birth of a child is a wonderful moment producing memories that last a lifetime.”

Alright now! Check out B.I.C parents whisking her away Presidential style early Tuesday Morning in the truck Bey had custom-made a couple of weeks ago in organised fashion on arrival of her little me- and yes the tour style bus
has everything you would expect and then some, so no they’ll never be slipping coming out of this!

According to the New York Daily News, a procession of vehicles with blacked-out windows carrying the famous couple and their child departed from the hospital’s side gate in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The operation was performed smoothly and swiftly so that no paparazzi could capture a photo of the family.

Two black SUVs left the hospital’s loading dock at 1:30 a.m. Soon after, a van parked on a nearby corner backed into the same loading dock before the gate closed, reopening minutes later. The vehicle drove out and headed north on Park Ave.

One of the two SUVs blocked traffic so the van would not be stopped. The second SUV pulled in behind the van to prevent anyone from following the Carters as they returned home with their baby.

“Immediately, security personnel began leaving the hospital,” said one witness, describing the exit as “very precise, very military-like.”

Kisses to NecoleBitchie & Rap-Up xxx

*CORRECTION* @Gwyneth Paltrow Says… Blue Ivy Carter Has Arrived!


She’s here now, and from this morning the Internet world has gone mad for the birth of Hip Hop couple Jayonce Baby Girl…


As a good friend of Jay-Z, actress Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t some looming outsider. According to her, Jayonce’s baby daughter is known as Blue Ivy Carter. Check out her tweet below:

“@Gwyneth Paltrow:  RT @Sparrow_Teague @GwynethPaltrow is it ivy blue, or blue ivy? so confused..It’s Blue Ivy Carter!”

Hope that is it or I’ll be retracting this statement!

Sources tell E! News’ Ken Baker Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcomed a daughter Saturday night in New York, the little one’s arrival coming via scheduled C-section. And the pop ‘n’ hip-hop princess’ name? Drum roll, please… Blue Ivy Carter!

Friend and music mogul Russell Simmon’s took to Twitter to announce the news as well, tweeting the new parents: “congrats to my good friends Beyonce and Jay-Z.”

Rihanna also Tweeted the news 4 hours ago: “@rihanna Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih”

On the meaning of the name, I’ve thinking Ivy- for the pain and Blue- for any complications that may have occurred with little Ivy entering the world with a blue face!

Happy that she has arrived healthy and safe, my daughter and I ask The Good Lord to bless them and their new bundle of joy.

Now everyone, let’s them enjoy their angel until there ready to share with us all! Ok!

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(The BEYONCE News) WORLDWIDE Exclusive New Video “I Was Here” + Bonus Footage & Live Recordings!


You can never say your fellow Virgo Chick does not spoil you all with the latest from one half of one of the most popular power couples of our generation!


Anywhooo back to business…

With Baby Carter expected in February it seems like Jay & Bee are house hunting in Miami (in the Sunshine State area)from there usual New York location. Seen this week real estate shopping for their next investment I think we can all breathe a sigh od relief that Bee has taken OFF the HEELS!!!

Thank God!

Check out a few flicks below of her and the family out and about

Plus you did read the title right! Below IS the Official “I Was Here” Video

Next up- EXCLUSIVE Footage taken from Roseland

Last and certainly not least is the Live recording of “End Of Time”

Who’s your girl? xxx

WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE UK! ONLY SEEN HERE FIRST- Beyonce Stans Are You Ready For The Wedding Dress? (Photo)


Something to keep your appetite moist with delight in the latest update in the Beyoncé camp in addition to the release of her “Elements of 4 Live At Roseland” is the latest new visual for “I Was Here”

Now to let you in on a little secret that has the US in a frenzy right now- during the treatment Mrs Carter slips in a somewhat 5 second shot of YES her WEDDING DRESS tha she happily said “I Do” to Jay in three years ago and it will leave you speechless!

Check out the pic below and let me know what you guys think of the dress?

Is it what you expected?

What do you think she will wear next year when the couple re-new their vows as rumour has it she has already eyed up something bigger and better in Paris as this ceremony may get more than a still in a video, is all I’m saying for now…



Looks like this was also a big secret that she couldn’t keep in anymore and wanted to share with the world via a recent Interview…

It’s a GIRL!

Congratulations to the contented couple! Rumour has it Bey is completely ecstatic over the recent news and has already gone HAM on shopping for her little princess!

Jay is gonna feel so proud as well with another female edition adding to his special women circle!

Congratulations once again and for more on what she said during the interview head over to the link below!


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