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Wowsers! Britney Takes Inspiration From Us Londoners Unexpectedly In New Video “Criminal”


I don’t know if Rihanna and Britney have been thinking of treatment ideas together for their latest video releases but this new video for me by Britney was NOT expected.


At the end of the day you can’t help who you fall in love with and what I admire about this is whether it has been a part of her past or present being able to get it off your chest in whatever form is very healthy.

Unexpected but healthy. What do you think of Britney’s new perspective?


*ATTENTION* It’s Britney B****h! She’s Back with new Video “I Wanna Go”


If you cannot admit to one Britney track that you love since she graced our entertainment lives, then shame on you!

It seems that everyone is on this hype of releasing their “freak”. First Beyonce now Britney… Ah well it is inside all of us!

Enjoy xx

*New Video Alert* Britney Spears is Back in The Building with New Track “Hold It Aganist Me”… Should We Though?


You know what…

I’ve always been a Britney fan, but this video does strike the “weird” chord with me, apologies to anyone that is offended!

Now I know because she is amazing she is allowed to do as she pleases and to the majority of her fans, whatever she does is great but… I mean, lyrically the track is not anything in-depth to want to go out and buy and too me she would have been better off singing about her life so far, that would have probably got a lot further!

Even the visuals, she looks confused which left me so confused too!

Definitely on the fence with this one…. Let me know what your thinking too!