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B.o.B is back with NEW MUSIC featuring Andre 3000 “Play The Guitar” & Remixes Coldplay “Never Lost”


B.o.B is back and he’s come back strong! On my playlist right now is the new track with the infamous Andre 3000 and the remix of Coldplay’s “Never Lost”with TI alongside!

Are you feeling them?

Let Me Know!

Jigga & Yeezy’s “Ni**a’s In Paris” & Otis get Remixed by Bussa Buss/ Wretch 32 & Chipmunk/ Breezy + TPain/ Tinie Tempah/ TI


Since the release of Watch The Throne every artist from the UK and the US have jumped on the infamous beats that “Otis & Ni**a’s In Paris” have made bleeding Orignal by the two Daddies of Hip Hop

Check out who’s paid homage to the fellas’


TI featuring Eminem “All She Wrote” (New Music!)


Were back! Apologies for the delay everyone and thank you all for being so patient while Miss Pinky aka my laptop was @ the technicians. Good news, she’s been upgraded and ready to go so…


Mr Harrison may be now serving another sentence however it does not mean for the TIP that his music should go unheard.

“No Mercy” is the fourth coming album from TI, releasing December 7th and this track along the smash hit “Get Back Up” also features on the LP.

Let me know what you think of Slim Shady and TI’s cryptic message… Enjoy! xx

(Official Music Video) TI featuring Chris Brown “Get Back Up”


TI handed himself in to begin his sentence a couple of days ago. He was able to complete the video to this truth-telling track and you know what it takes a lot to be able to acknowledge your wrong doing, and a man/woman to accept them.

TI and Tiny may not have been aware this was coming, but with the help of Chris Breezy, his point get across exactly on point, and this track is for anybody, in any situation to be able to recognise and realize that when gets you down “You have to get back up”

Keep your head up Harrision xxx

TI receives 11 months and releases “Get Back Up” track feat Chris Brown


So the disappointing news of TI & Tiny’s arrest has landed the TIP back behind bars to serve 11 months.

Check out TMZ’s update

T.I. had his probation revoked by a federal judge. T.I. was busted last month on felony possession of a controlled substance … while he was on probation for a 2009 federal gun possession conviction.

T.I. told the judge he needed help for drug addiction and begged not to be sent back to prison.

We’re told one of the officers from Wednesday’s jumper incident testified on T.I.’s behalf.

He has two weeks to turn himself in.

So what do you fancy when you get news like this?

After T.I. got the bad news on Friday, he headed from the court to Mary Mac’s Tea Room in Atlanta with a few family members and friends. They ran up a $224.73 bill — which included several orders of fish and chicken, plenty of sides, and a few alcoholic beverages … including the aforementioned Kahlua-based drinks, aka White Russian!

Considering the circumstances, on the same day new track “Get Back Up” featuring Chris Brown was released to the internet and the title could not be more appropriate. After violating the terms of his probation, T.I. will be going to jail for the second time in less than two years, which is such a shame as after successful film Takers and getting use to life again I hope he wants to keep on the straight and narrow.

Let me know what you think… xx

Chris Brown “Deuces Remix” (New Music) featuring Andre 3000, TI, Drake & Kanye West


I think this was put together mainly for promotion of his new album F.A.M.E (Forgive All of My Enemies) on the basis of “Look who could appear on my album”

Not sure everyone does the amazing anthem justice, check out the line up and let me know what you think xx

And for us ladies from the A-town Ciara spun a 2 minute version that to me was simple and effective unlike the above… lol! xx

(New Music!) Mary J Blige, Kid Rock & TI “Care”


What happens when you put a Rock legend, the queen of Hip Hop and R’n’B and one of the US hottest rappers into the booth?

Magic is created!

I forgot that Kid Rock can hold a couple of notes, but this collaboration with three of the world’s most amazing artists show no matter what genre, music and lyrics combined create a powerful and infectious feel good track.

“Care” will be on Kid Rock’s upcoming album entitled Born Free which is to be released November 16th and the track can be found on the Tapemasters Inc. new mixtape, The Future of R&B Vol 36.

Let me know what you think! xx

TI “Got Your Back” feat Keri Hilson (Official Music Video)


We have all been singing his name since his release…

And you can tell that TI is definitely back in the building as he has us singing every song he has put out since then…

“Got Your Back” features the lovely Keri Hilson, and now has the track had a video it brings it all together


Check out the video and a very special cameo, TI definitely knows how to keep us women happy!

Enjoy xx