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The Anticipated New Video From Lil Wayne Is Here: “Mirror” ft Bruno Mars


Simple but do god damn effective. What a masterpiece from the one and only Weezy F Baby. I cannot wait for what he has instore for this year.

Copy either link into your browser for instant viewing.

Check it out

(Exclusive New Video) Birdman Drops “YU Mad” Video Where Nicki Brings Out Her Alter Wayne Ego


I saw stills of this treatment being made a lil while ago now and I am so relieved that Birdman did a less than more approach to this video contribution to the track and just left the young-uns to get on with it

What do you guys think of Minaj’s alter ego influenced by the man who every woman wants Mr Dwayne Carter?

Let me know what you think of the video too K!

Enjoy xxx

Introducing Young Money Songtress “Shanell” With Brand New Music “So Good”


I bring you Shanell. Signed to Lil Wayne’s infamous Young Moneyin 2008. Born in California and back-up dancer for superstar Ne-Yo.

Check out this interview that took place earlier this year to get to know the songstress of the crew.

Shouts to for the info xx

Now Shanell is combining all of her talents, directing included, and is slowly becoming the next big artist to be rolled out by Young Money. Already an accomplished dancer, Shanell is getting ready to release her debut album, which is set to hit shelves soon. With the combination of charm, sexiness and a voice that will rock your speakers, Shanell looks to be the next platinum artist in the stream of Young Money successes.

Did you find it hard to transition from a dancer to a singer?
Yea, it was a little difficult. The main problem was having all of the attention focused on you while on stage. You all of a sudden become the main focus of everyone at the concert. When I was performing with Ne-Yo, you know, he was the main focus. I was just supposed to be in the back as a dancer while we gave him the space he needed on stage. In 2008, when I started working with Wayne, he had to tell me to get out on the stage. He would be like, “Get up here!” and motion for me to move up. It took a little while for me to adjust to that. It was still all a little weird. Now I am so used to it, Wayne is like, “Hey! Hey! This is my song. Move back!” (laughs), but it’s all good.

What is your stage chemistry like with Wayne? You guys seem to have a lot of fun up there and perform with such ease.
It’s just really cool and natural. We are a bit different though, which I think helps our musical relationship. Since I come from a theatre background, I need to rehearse a lot in order to feel comfortable. It’s just the world I come from. I need to come in with a full band, the dancers and the stage personnel to get ready. However Wayne doesn’t really like to rehearse. He just comes in, runs the show once, then is immediately back in the studio. He likes to perform naturally, whereas, I need to know what is coming next and where I have to be. It’s just two different perspectives. It’s good though and it works. It actually makes sense in a strange way.

Since we are on the topic of Wayne, what was it like meeting him when you first signed to Young Money. We all have heard stories about Drake meeting Wayne while he (Wayne) was getting a tattoo. Was it a crazy day like that for you as well?
Actually, no not at all (laughs). It was pretty much a normal day. We were both on tour with Ne-Yo at that time. He was an opening act at the time and I was his (Ne-Yo’s) backup dancer. I was basically just trying to get my music out there any way I could. I started talking to Wayne and told him about everything I was doing. He was very interested in it, so I asked him if he would like to hear some of my work. So I took him upstairs to my hotel room where I had my Pro-Tools and other equipment set up. He really liked what he heard and asked me what I was doing with it. I told him I was selling it, but right there, on the spot, he was like, “You need to stop selling this. This is really good. You need to keep this for yourself.” I still thought I wanted to be a dancer, so I was very surprised. He then asked me if I wanted to sign to Young Money and I of course said yes.

What has it been like working with Wayne?
It has been amazing. I started working with him on The Carter III​, where I introduced him to producers Bangledesh (A Milli, 6’7’’) and Maestro (3 Peat). We basically just started to work together a lot. From there we really dove into that “pop-punk” world and began creating the album “Rebirth”. I wrote four songs for that album, obviously not Wayne’s parts. I wrote the single “Prom Queen”, “American Star”, “Runnin” and “I’m So Over You”. The song “Runnin” actually has a pretty funny story. I was really angry one night on tour and needed something to write to. The studio tour bus was luckily open, so I ventured inside. I began writing to this beat and the song was supposed to be for me. While I’m recording though, Wayne walked in and was like “What’s that? Play that again, lemme put somethin on it.” I of course was like “Okay.” After we recorded that, it kind of became his song (laughs) and wound up on “Rebirth”.

Check out her new track “So Good” feat Lil Wayne and Drake

(HOT NEW MUSIC) Lil Wayne feat Drake & Rick Ross “She Will” Remix


I love all three of these artists and when I first heard the track with Weezy and Drake I took notice. Especially at the time I was personally going through something myself with and ALWAYS said I would never relate my feelings via OnToTheNext1.

But Now….

You know something guys this one track predicts Correctly what will be without YOU!

Enjoy! xxx

*ATTENTION PARENTS* Lil Wayne “Shock Tactics” for How To Love (Official Video)


I got to give it to Weezy on the production of this short film that does exactly what his lyrics ask of us parents- Teach our Children “How To Love”

I love the approach he has taken with this ballad as doing something unexpected but still consistently brilliant only shows the talent that is Lil Wayne. Father/ Musician and more he has combined and created a realistic picture worldwide.This is for everyone. We can all give something no matter big or small to someone else who can take that with them and pass it on as in life we are all meant to help one another.

After his skateboard fall (which you can see below) Tha Carter is fine and well & getting pumped up for the MTV VMA Awards as well as the release of his anticipated album which will be digitally released 24hours before the hard copy.

Loving Mr Dwayne Carter for this one- hit the ball right in the net xxx

**Money Talks** Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2011- Forbes Hip-Hop Top 20 Earners


Yea yes y’all it’s like that y’all and you don’t stop!

Well Well Well it’s that time of year again and I will not go on with any procrastinating chit-chat, we will just get right on with it!

1. Jay-Z – $37 million
2. P. Diddy – $35 million
3. Kanye West – $16 million
4. Lil Wayne (tie) – $15 million
4. Birdman (tie) – $15 million
6. Eminem (tie) – $14 million
6. Dr. Dre (tie) – $14 million
6. Snoop Dogg (tie) – $14 million
9. Akon – $13 million
10. Ludacris – $12 million

Beyond the top ten, rappers Wiz Khalifa and Drake share the #11 spot at $11 million, while Nicki Minaj and Swizz Beatz tie at #15 with $6.5 million. Nicki is the first female rapper to ever make the Forbes Cash ‘Kings’ list.

For the Official List and how they got there, copy and paste the following link below which will take you to

http://” title=”

You Know How They Roll!

*Bad Boy New Video* Travis Barker brings out the hip hop gang for “Can A Drummer Get Some” Remix


To be on a Travis Barker track is a big look as we salute the generic multi tasking genius which is him!

Check out the line up on the banger which is blazing everywhere “Can A Drummer Get Some” Remix!

Enjoy xx

*Banging New Video* Mary J Blige ft Diddy & Lil Wayne “Someone To Love Me”


This track has been circulating for a little while now but the video which is simple but effective reminds us all why Mary J Blige is the Queen of Hip/Hop and R’n’B as her moves are too gangsta for no-one to try and mess with.

Diddy seems to be getting sharper with his lyrics, and about time after working with some of the best lyricists, it was only a matter of time before he caught on to why they are all so great.

Weezy does Weezy baby and he is the final piece to the track that keeps it together… Overall, I love it! Do you? Let me know what you think xx