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Looks like this was also a big secret that she couldn’t keep in anymore and wanted to share with the world via a recent Interview…

It’s a GIRL!

Congratulations to the contented couple! Rumour has it Bey is completely ecstatic over the recent news and has already gone HAM on shopping for her little princess!

Jay is gonna feel so proud as well with another female edition adding to his special women circle!

Congratulations once again and for more on what she said during the interview head over to the link below!


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(The Carter News) WANT TO GO TO ALL “HOUSE OF DEREON EVENTS?” WIN HERE! The Couple Take NY, The Sista’s Go All Out @ Fashion Week…


So from Croatia The Carters at the top of the week were spotted in by an onlooker who saw the smiling pair in the Tribeca neighbourhood. The ‘Deja Vu‘ performers enjoyed a late lunch at the restaurant Locande Verde on Saturday, days after they were spotted enjoying a short vacation in Croatia.

Shout out to That Grape Juice & Just Jared


This is an amazing competition just launched offering fans the chance to attend the House of Dereon fashion launch this Saturday at Selfridges in London.


We’re giving 2 lucky fans the chance each win a pair of tickets to attend the Fashion show at Selfridges, have High Tea at a location nearby, AND attend the official after party at Under The Bridge.
All winners will also receive the Beyoncé Fan 4 Pack a goodie bag containing House of Dereon merchandise, Beyoncé’s latest fragrance album and tickets to
ALL the House of Dereon events.

Draw closes at midday on Thursday 15th September. All entrants must be Over 18.


Good Luck With The Competition!

Just a note about prize winners, I have no baring over who will eventually win the prize so cannot influence this. The 2 pairs being rewarded in this competition are the only ones I have.


Tuesday afternoon Mrs C enjoyed her view of yesterday’s US Open men’s final, alongside the Jigga Man. Snapped openly enjoying each other’s company, the pair were reported to be seen laughing and joking together court side.

Tuesday evening lil sis Solange partnered her pregnant sister to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2012 at Lincoln Center on September 13. They also attended the Children Are Always In Fashion presented by UNICEF, J.Crew Presentation, celebrating the work of creative director Jenna Lyons and the Vera Wang Show which all took place under the Lincoln Center it was a busy week for some!

The Carters who resides in New York, was spotted arriving at the grand opening of Tory Burch’s flagship store on Madison Avenue last night. There, she joined the likes of Serena Williams, Lucy Lui, and Estelle.

(The Carter News) JayOnce’s Baby, The Family & Their European Travelling… (Exclusive Photos)


Who’s this then?

And this?

Answer: A portrait artist by the name of Dr. D’Lynn Waldron, who has consulted with the FBI on a number of cases, has stepped in to create a portrait of what Baby Bey-Z [or Jayonce?] will look like. According to Dr. Waldron, the baby would have Beyonce’s eyes and Jay-z’s features.

Ere we go again then! It looks like one of the daily jobs that the online world will be doing on now a regular basis is keeping ourselves as well as you beautiful readers where and what The Carters are up to. Now if you remember I covered there tracks last year throughout their vacation period but it seems they’ve found another reason to go and spoil themselves…

Of course I’m talking about the Bun in The Oven of one Mrs Sean Carter. Since Beyonce revealed her pregnancy to the world at The MTV Video Music Awards, the couple have been taken this new experience seriously. And so they should. As this is one thing they both have never had before as well as experienced first hand. Soooo what do they do ? Do what they do best and travel the World… Silly!

From Venice Italy on Sunday (Bee’s B’day) to Croatia with the family they knew the extra edition would be a part of us too Jay and B both were giving us subliminal’s Jay in New Day of recent album Watch The Throne and Bee’s Interviews from May (conception month) where she just “randomly” started talking about children.


AWWWW! Check out the baby below- see if you can see any body parts!

What do you think they will have? Let me know! xxx

-Mrs Carter News- Valentines Day, Kelly’s 30th Birthday and Her BFF & The Grammy Awards!


The buzz she creates just getting out of a car alone is something magical, but we are all happy to know that Beyonce is gearing up for another serious workout in the music game this year.

Headlining @ Glastonbury Festival this year will be her returning back into her glory that we all cannot wait for. However the anticipation of when she will be releasing any music for now is still off the record. Over the last couple of months, some of the sought after producers have been tweeting their excitement alone of being in the studio with the Virgo Bee, as well as her own thoughts of creating her own “unique” sound. Isn’t it all exciting! If Glastonbury is to be her 1st official comeback show, then UK stand up!


First up Bee graces the March Edition of Fashion Magazine: check out the interview below

Up next was the Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Party, which followed up before the actual Award Show. Gwyneth Paltrow her BFF put down an amazing performance with Cee-Lo Green at the award ceremony and pictures were captured to sentiment the girls bond and everyone’s delight to have Beyonce back in the building!

Check it all out below:

A lil gossip for ya… So apparently @ the Roc Nation and Grammy Awards Jay and Beyonce did not arrive nor was seen together at any point in both nights. A number of celebs that attended the party was aware of the distance between the power icon and then some. Rumor mill Media Take Out speculate that Jigga has moved out of their NY appartement and has taken a lease for a property in LA?

And why?

It’s the kids subject again. Sources close to the couple claim that Jay wants to start a family and Beyonce DOES NOT… Ouch

Like the pregnancy drama, I hope everything is ok and this is just a hitch. If not like any other couple then this is something that the two will work out between themselves.

Now do you see why privacy is soo important…


Kelly Rowland celebrated her 30th birthday recently with her friends and family at a quaint little restaurant, while Mrs Carter was spotted on Valentines Day doing some retail therapy in some killer Christian Louboutin Aqua heels!

Man she just “did it on em”

Check it Out!

Jay-Z & Beyonce do drinks in Manly Beach (Photo’s)


Jay-Z and Beyonce were among the A-List celebrities who made the journey to Australia with Oprah, along with Kanye West and U2.

Beyonce and Jay-Z stopped for drinks and pizza at Hugo’s bar and restaurant in Manly beach.

So how did The Carters transport around as there was no Bugatti Veryon in sight? Beyonce and Hov actually caught the ferry with local commuters. Travelling to the Northern Beaches suburb the couple were able to enjoy a forty minute picturesque view which leaves from Circular Quay beside the Harbour Bridge! Now that’s normal.

Check out the pics xx

The Carters take the Birthday Celebrations Down Under! (Pictures)


The couple we never get tired of seeing together were all smiles this week as they dined down under in Queensland, Australia.

According to reports, Beyonce threw an intimate birthday bash for Jay-z in Australia (where he is currently on tour), complete with costumes, horses and imported Ace of Spades.

The R’n’B royals — decked out in handwoven Victorian-themed garb — rode on a horsedrawn carriage through the streets after the clock struck midnight on Saturday. The festivities started earlier at city nightspot Silk Road, a venue Beyonce is believed to have hand-picked because of its intimate VIP suite.

Among imported surprises was a beaded cape fit for a king and an Alexander McQueen-esque gown in regal burgundy and red. After arriving at the secret location, a surprised Jay-Z was draped in his Big Pimpin’ costume.

Every detail of the party was overseen by Beyonce, hailed by staff as the people’s queen.”She was so down-to-earth and very hands-on,” one insider said. “She was a perfectionist about it all and it showed how very much in love with her husband she is.

So what better to do then to continue celebrating! Bee and Jay were seen together dining at an exclusive Main Beach restaurant. Sean.C is currently on tour with U2 and you know Bee is always their to support hers!

The trip to Australia was one of the many extravagant gifts Jigga received for his birthday, among a Bugatti Veyron that is worth over $1 million! (My future car to be lol)

Check out the Mr & Mrs xxx

(Beyonce News!) Mrs Carter finishes new Vimio ad, her UK HEAT Advert is causing a firey reaction, while ABC release her Thanksgiving trailer! (Video Clip Exclusives!)


VIZIO is debuting a new commercial including our Virgo baby Beyonce. Throughout the video clip below, Bee mentions how the advert actually is being portrayed and how she is getting on working on her upcoming album.


We all in the UK have seen Beyoncé’s perfume Heat. Now we know we are seen as the “reserved” English and for Bee’s steamy ad clip she is no different. The Irreplaceable singer premiered her new advert and our censor gods are saying it can only be aired after 7:30 pm because it’s too raunchy. In a statement release to the press they say:

The U.K. Advertising Standards Authority, found that the advert was “sexually provocative” and upheld complaints against it.

“We considered that Beyoncé’s body movements and the camera’s prolonged focus on shots of her dress slipping away to partially expose her breasts created a sexually provocative ad that was unsuitable to be seen by young children.”

Check out a couple stills on what they’re going on about!

And lastly, even though I am not in the US the anticipation of ABC’s Special Beyonce Thanksgiving documentary seems to have everyone making trailers of the upcoming hour memoir. As well as that clips from I Am the DVD are surfacing, so I give you a pick of the most exciting, starting with Thanksgiving!

Enjoy xx

The Unseen Footage @ the 2006 MTV VMA’s from…Beyonce (Exclusive Video Clip)


It seems as though Beyonce has enough behind the scenes footage from her rehearsals and tours to have a full fledge reality show. From watching the ABC Special that she filmed while putting together the Las Vegas Show last year, it seems that some footage of her rehearsing for her 2006 VMA performance of “Ring The Alarm” has surfaced online.

The 14 minute video shows how she pulled together the show which included her landing on stage in a harness.

“And I hate all that ugly blue lights. I’m a black girl! You can’t put blue lights on black girls!” – Beyonce

Enjoy, I blooming did! xx

Click on the link below to watch:

(JayOnce News!) Mr & Mrs Carter take nephew Julez to see The Nets, Jay reflects on past lyrics for “Decoded” & decides on full Album with Kanye! (Photo’s)


So as they took their court side seats alongside nephew Julez, JayOnce entered the Prudential Center to watch the New Jersey Nets take on the Detroit Pistons.

So this clearly shows no interest in having kids anytime soon… He could at least have sat in-between you guys at least! Jheez!

Still sweet though…

And in other Carter news…

As we all anticipate the release date for Jay’s “Decoded” memoirs, he has been reflecting over past lyrics and how he perceived women at that point in time.

Check out what Hov had to say:

While working on his new book, “Decoded” in which the lyrics to his songs are printed out and explained, Jay-Z admits he regrets his songs that didn’t present women…or his opinion of them…in the best light.

“Some [lyrics] become really profound when you see them in writing. Not ‘Big Pimpin.’ That’s the exception. It was like, I can’t believe I said that. And kept saying it. What kind of animal would say this sort of thing? Reading it is really harsh.”

The lyrics to that track mainly talked about him having women sexually available to him at all times, something he has abandoned since marrying Beyonce in 2008.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jay-Z said,

“We have to find our way back to true emotion. This is going to sound so sappy, but love is the only thing that stands the test of time. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was all about love. Andre 3000, The Love Below. Even N.W.A, at its core — that was about love for a neighborhood.”

I see his point.

He also said he’d like to hear more about the real challenges facing people today, like the housing crisis and unemployment. Remember the time before gangsta rap when Public Enemy was the CNN for black people? That’s what Jay’s talking about. And he cites hip-hop’s efforts to help Barack Obama elected as proof the community can help foster social change.

“Whether he does a great job or not is almost secondary to what it did for the dreams and the hopes of an entire race. Just based on that alone, it’s a success — the biggest we’ve had. … It’s Martin Luther King’s dream realized. Tangible. In the flesh. You can shake his hand.”

Cannot wait for that!

And so to wrap up our news for the week on the power couple, Kanye & Drake are on the heels of Jay for his lyrical vocals.

Speaking to MTV News Drake disclosed he would love to drop a radio track with Mr Carter:

Although Drake and Jay-Z have collaborated on Blueprint 3’s “We Off That”, “Thank Me Later” & “Light Up”, he still wants more from him!

“I probably wouldn’t title it ‘Light Up 2,’ but there could definitely be potential for a record where me and Jay just spit about life,” said Drake to MTV News, referencing the track from his debut album. “I look forward to making that. I don’t think I’m ready to do it yet, though. If me and Jay do another record … I just want it to be a song. I don’t necessarily want it to be a life/time marker. I would love to do a song with Jay that hits radio. I’d love to do something that’s more musical, as opposed to all that rapping.”

And as well as that the musical genius who created Blueprint 3 Mr Kanye West has also revealed him and his “big bro” are looking to roll out a full length album!

“We putting out a whole album now,” Kanye told MTV when asked about Watch The Throne. “We had done five [songs] so far, and then a few of ‘em, kind of, were out there, and I put them on my album. Sorry Jay. But we got some more, and we going to the south of France at the end of this month just to record new ideas.”

Looks like the Carter planner is full!