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(Official New Video) Rihanna Tells us “You Da One”- ClockWork Orange Style!


successfully completing her LOUD tour and with the release of her latest EP “Talk That Talk” which for me only had one or two tracks deemed worthy of releasing this year, I personally believed the little mama should have waited to drop the album next year.

A well deserved break would have done it more justice but anywhoo the workaholic has come again and come big with and Clockwork Orange esq feel, grills and everything with the latest track of TTT

“You Da One”


RihRih reveals Tracklisting For 6th EP “Talk That Talk”


The pop superstar (who we all hope has her health back) celebrated the completion of her sixth LP Talk That Talk by unveiling the tracklisting on Facebook.

In the black-and-white photos, RiRi poses alongside a sheet of paper with the 15 tracks written and toasts with her collaborators in Europe. In addition to her No. 1 single “We Found Love,” the album will include tracks such as “Roc Me Out,” “Drunk on Love,” and the sweet “Birthday Cake.”

Ironically there will only be one surprise guest on this album.

She recently tweeted “One feature on the album! And we got the best!!!!!”

I’ve seen a few of these listings those guys, so please take note that this may not be the final sequence.

Find out what you can expect come November 21.

Talk That Talk Tracklisting

1. “We Found Love”
2. “You the One”
3. “Watch and Learn”
4. “Roc Me Out”
5. “Cockiness”
6. “Talk That Talk”
7. “Answer”
8. “Drunk on Love”
9. “Farewell”
10. “We All Want Love”
11. “Saxon” “Red Lipstick”
12. “Fool in Love”
13. “Where Have You Been”
14. “Do Ya Thang”
15. “Birthday Cake”

Here’s a few more pics for ya too xx

Should RihRih Release Album No:6? Rihanna feat Calvin Harris “We Found Love” (New Music)


I’m not going to front, this one took a while to grow on me and I am still 50/50 on it. For me the lesser lyrics that have nothing else to grip onto but the eclectic 80’s dance beat left me wanting more.

Even though the video will be filled with bright colours and lots of Rihanna’s alluring figure, what is your opinion on her releasing ANOTHER album this Autumn? Me personally, I feel that she needs to hold off and go on a break as she, her record company and her loved ones know that the best lyrics come from living life.

Now I’m not saying she is not living, as she has worked hard to be where she is now. I like you don’t want her to burn herself out and cut off her longevity cord, which will be imminent if a break is not scheduled in the diary soon. Plus baby girl is still a baby so live and let live!

Are you feeling the track? Excited for the Video?
Let me know! xxx

New Fragrance by… Reb’l Fleur? Guess Who?


“Bad Feels So Good” is the latest teasing tag line from none other than…

The latest from Rihanna Entertainment is the introduction to her perfume collection (if there is more to follow) Reb’l Fleur

In modest RihRih fashion, we enjoy a two-minute clip of the S&M admirer doing what she does best, keeping our attention completely focused on… her innocent sexual freak unleashed… Literally!

Created from a rose- as in the artwork from LOUD, we watch the Barbadian cross over to the, let’s say a side more suited to her all round!

Let me know what you think! Enjoy! xxx

Chris Brown’s Restraining Order has been lifted!! Oi Oi *Exclusive*


This was the first piece of news that I got a coupe of days ago and have been so happy to hear, I think I’m even happier that now everyone will know after reading this…

Rihanna has reportedly agreed to have the restraining order that is currently in place against ex-boyfriend and singer Chris Brown, lifted. Kind of.

According to E! Online, Rihanna and her lawyer, Donald Etra, requested that the restraining order be taken down to a level one which would allow the two to contact and see each other only if Chris doesn’t “annoy, molest, or harass” her. Ri, Chris, and their lawyers have all agreed and approved of this change, but they still need a judge to sign off on it before the ex-lovers can have any contact ….or plan lunch dates.

What’s weird about the situation is that when Chris initially appeared before the judge on January 28th, his lawyer made the request because it was interfering with him being able to attend award shows, however it has since been reported that he won’t be attending the Grammys due to a prior commitment. What’s more important than the Grammys during a comeback year?

The two will possibly face each other or be in the same space next weekend as they are both scheduled to attend NBA All Star festivities in LA.

My opinion on this matter is frankly, she has been using this situation against him to keep him from succeeding in his career also. What they done onto each other was wrong. At the end of the day, it was a domestic relationship that had two people in it and as far as I am concerned, Chris has more than been dealt his share. Since the uproar of her Rated R shows in the UK and her present since then- full of nakedness (just to remind you) to me is hiding her underlining secret…

Has she actually had the time to move on properly? They both come from domestic violence families, and have both seen their parents being mistreated so why didn’t Rihanna ALSO go and get some help in this situation? Yes physically showing your anger is not acceptable, however we forget about the mental and emotional abuse?

However enough said, this IS Breezy’s year and with the ban being lifted, I hope if carries out worldwide!

More News as it comes…