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(X-Factor News!) The Final 12 for the Live Shows! Do you Agree?


So everyone zoned into what was the most nail-biting part of the X-Factor quarter, the judges houses, and for me I got 2 out of 3 contestants in every category!

What you must remember is that the judges all have different meanings and priority in finding that “star in the making” so as much as we all screamed and shouted at our screens last night, I actually am not surprised by their choices, except the girls-maybe!

Simon and the groups.

FYD– very expected for me. They deliver in all three areas of becoming a star- Singing, Dancing and Appearance Ability- as in the words of Mr Cowell and in my opinion, a very good choice!

Belle Amie– I was very impressed with their FIRST and only audition and you could hear that they practised as it did pay off- well done girls!

New Direction– Ok so the voices and the harmonies are there in the bunch of puberty busting good lookers. However I think maybe 1 or 2 could disappear and we wouldn’t notice. On the whole I would have gone with Twem for the entertainment aspect but Simon is Cowell and can’t help be smug with his “know it all” aura

Cheryl and the Girls

Rebecca Ferguson– A 2010 Etta James in the making! Sprinkle of Leona’s innocent magic has created a loveable character that I hope flourishes into the potential she has that could carry her all the way…

Cher Lloyd– I know everyone did not expect this, and for me I thought it would have been a toss-up between Gamu, Cher and Kate. However you cannot deny the “little sister” bond between these two, and for Cheryl I feel that Cher could become a personal project to reboost both of them… watch this space!

Katie Wassiel– The contemporary new Madonna, Gwen Stefani also known as Katie has arrived! Apart from the drama that you should expect to see on a regular basis, she offers a unique sound and appearance that I hope everyone will begin to warm too… that’s if you want to though!

Dannii and the Boys

Matt Cardle– OMG! So happy for this amazing and most beautiful voice! Matt totally deserves this and my cards are on him and Rebecca making it to the Top 2, yep I said it!

Aaiden– His first audition highlighted that he had the whole package, and songs after only showed Danni and the others that he was here to stay. Well played!

Nicolo– A very good-looking Diva that is aware that when he gets to the live shows he could become a love him or hate him artist his voice is cool, however will that be enough? Thank you to Danni and her abstract choices lol!

Louis and the Groups

Mary– Who doesn’t love her? I hope she has a pinch of the infamous Susan Boyle’s success as it would only fulfill her dream. i think of her first audition and all I get is goosebumps. We Love you Mary! xx

Storm Lee-You know what, I was a little bit hard on the guy, but you have to admit that he can belt and hold a few notes! Good on Louis for relighting his fire

John– What can I say, he has it all and if he is able to go with reviving the old skool classics, John could be the one to put together a whole new target audience who also love similar music

So that’s it. It now will be up to us, and for me I am not the one to always vote but this being the last of the UK X-Factor I think we all will have to hold on to our seats, as the ride will keep us stunned right to the end! xx

The X-Factor- The Judges locations for the next stage is revealed!


Even though we have a couple of weeks before we get to Judges Houses, many speculations about where and whom Cheryl and her fellow judges will have in the next stage has been a very hot topic. Today we let you in on the locations where the judges are to set up this year!

Mr Simon Cowell

The boss, the mogul that is Simon Cowell will be downsizing to Spain this year and, even though his guest judge will no doubt be an amazing A-lister here are a few ideas of where he could set up home!

Maybe a traditional Spanish home?

Or a Simon Cowell Spanish home!

Walsh “Irish Man” Louis

We all know Louis for being loyal to his home town, so there is no surprise that he will be back to the picturesque views of Shannon in Ireland for the next stage. However, with Sharon as his guest judge he may have to upgrade to a residency suited for the potty mouth diva!!

This might leave Sharon gobsmacked or maybe…

this might be up Sharon’s street!

As Dannii Minogue and partner Kris are settling into parenthood, it’s only right that the contestants will be whisked off to sunny Melbourne in Australia, where they might hope big sister Kylie will be waiting for them also!

We know Dannii is more about comfort than splash so either of the two would be ideal for Minogue & family

So yes, you’ve guessed right Ms Tweedy will be taking over LA this year at judges houses! This also ties in with her new album that she is working on in the US too, so it makes sense that she would be located there, however with all the glitz and glamour, rumours of Derek as her guest judge where she would be living is at the bottom of our list!!

1st up


Either way, we will all have to wait and see what cribs the judges will be wowing us and the contestants with but for now we have the auditions! xx