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(HOTT New Video) Pixie Lott Gets “Well Ream” With Pusha T In New Video “What Do You Take Me For”


All I am going to say on this track and video is Damn girl you hott! I love Pixie and this new video, new look and image is letting the silly old ex of hers know “What did he really try and take her for” Featuring the freshest recruit on the GOOD Music Label Pusha T lets her ex and the rest of the dingbats out there know too loud and clear.

Step off ya hear!

Enjoy xxx

(New Music Video!) “Broken Arrow” Pixie Lott


I love this girl! For 19, Pixie doesn’t just ooze ambition she lives, breathes and can’t get enough of her ever climbing success.

This is the new single taken from the amazing new deluxe edition of her album which you can order @ here:

Here is Broken Arrow and after spending a couple of days around Cheryl while at the X-Factor, it seems she has rubbed off on the Lotts!

Check out the video! Enjoy & comments please xx