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Snoop Dogg-(New Video 2010!!)-I wanna Rock


This… is a tune!

Snoop…We salute you!!

Enjoy x


Beyonce Pregnancy Confirmed


The media was thrown into a frenzy over the last 24 hours regarding reports on Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s baby joy. Is she? Isn’t she? Questions were at the tip of everyone’s tongue. Well the answer is clear. The news that stopped everyone in their tracks, has been confirmed by a source that Beyoncé is not pregnant.

So that’s it, no more news…for now!

(New Music from Hitchkoch 2010!!) “Famous”


Hitchkoch returns with new single Famous produced by Tremaine Nyt-Child, mixed by Show N Prove. The London MC is going from strength to strength, with his last single “Temptations” on the replay at BBC’s 1Xtra Homegrown slot with Ras Kwame.

At 13 he’d created his own home studio using a karaoke mic taped to a 2 by 4, which was also duck taped to a chair and began recording. Aged 18, he linked up with old secondary friends and created a record label The Block Entertainment. So at 23 with record catalogue of over 160 tracks, singles featured on Ras Kwame’s Homegrown, what is his intake on the new single?

“This record is multifaceted; it touches on so many subjects, and comes at you from so many different levels. I’m addressing issues we, as in the working class all go through, such as poverty, racism, drug trafficking, pain, love and violence; in the hope that the masses will see past the stereotypes.”

Love this track…Enjoy!

Ludacris Engaged!! (Exclusive Pics 2010!)


Ladies, it is sad to report that the US rapper Ludacris is now engaged. Well, it’s a happy time for him as now has the woman he wants on his arm and life couldn’t be sweeter. His girlfriend/fiance Eudoxie is a student at Miami University and reports believe that the couple have been in a relationship for a while now.

When asked about his relationship with Eudoxie in Honey Magazine he replied with: “I try to preserve certain things and keep things special, and that is one thing I would like to keep private.”

Congratulations to the beautiful couple xx

Is Beyonce aka Mrs Carter Pregnant?


This is what everyone has been waiting for. To add another celebrity baby to the list, and for it to be from Forbes Magazine 2nd most powerful couple, Jay-Z and Beyoncé have the rumor mill on a buzz and our tails wagging.

Is she preparing for mini Hov's and Sasha's?

In a recent interview with Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles said that she is “praying” for a grandchild from her eldest daughter when Mrs Carter was asked the million dollar question “When will you have children?” Beyoncé: “I have time. I have so many things that I love to do and so many things that I’ve done. So, I feel like, when it’s supposed to happen, it will…”

Tina Knowles: (cutting Beyoncé off) “I’m Praying For It Now!!!!”

More news when it comes… x

Sex and The City 2-New Pics!!!


Even though it’s release date is for early May 2010, here are a few new pictures from the set of the new blockbuster Sex and The City 2. As the follow-up film from the 2008 smash is almost at the end of production, with new twists added to keep us guessing, here’s the new and improved trailer for you too!!

Premiere Jay-Z Documentary “NY-Z”


Bought to you by ABSOLUT Vodka, directed by Danny Flinch this fifteen minute documentary (yes just 15 minutes!) that we have seen advertised many times as if we would be getting an hour film follows the Roc Nation’s CEO Jay-Z on his process on how his lyrics are formed from the mind to nine successful albums.