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MTV VMA’s Conclusion & “Runaway” (West Music!) Kanye West feat Pusha T


Well what was everyone’s thoughts on the MTV VMA Awards this year?

My thoughts… 1 big snooze, apart from checking out the main performance and fashion, here’s my conclusion!


These perfomers still going strong better watch out! With Willow Smith ready to take the world over there is just one person she would have to beat… and yes I could become a Bieber fan, his performance was excellent!

I thought it was ok, Rih rih should have stayed on set of her film as she did drag her heels a bit when performing with medeoka Eminem on stage.

Lady Gaga did a Beyonce and stole the night with most of the awards going to her. Accepting her speech in a meat dress though, did catch headlines!

Here’s what she had to say

Well, it is certainly no disrespect to anyone that is vegan or vegetarian. As you know, I am the most judgment-free human being on the earth,” Gaga replied. “However, it has many interpretations, but for me this evening … if we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones. And I am not a piece of meat -Pop Eater

Check out Cher!

Drake, Mary J Blige and Swizz’s performance (Happy Birthday Swizz) was cool. Mary held that together even though Drake is continuing to become more annoying- I don’t think he was too happy that he didn’t get a moon man and the Biebs did, but Drake unlike you and your cancelling os shows Justin had promoted worldwide so- Suck it up man!

Rihanna must have made his day though…

Rihanna and Drake Backstage (he must have been wanting that hug for ages now!)

And even though he didn’t win he went on to party in LA with “I need you for now” groupie hotty Amber Rose! How u like them apples!

Usher looked like he was trying a little to hard in his outfit- looks like someone is not ready to leave the dance floor yet lol!

Can you believe that new mum Keyshia Cole was told she is not a MTV artist, which was the reason why she wasn’t there! How rude!

This is what she posted on her Twitter

1:33 AM Sep 13th via web in reply to JanaeB

Nicki Minaj and’s performance was very animated like Nicki herself, I think it was all the face pulling that kept me watching as all I could do was scream at the TV “Fix your face nuh gyal!”

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Taylor Swift for me took the night- personally. Her track she performed “Innocent” was for Mr West and was amazing and to the point. Since last year’s show Taylor has been very courageous with having to listen to Ye’s return by promoting himself with his appalling antics last year, and having the cheek to tell her to perform HIS song he wrote for her, when it should have been the other way round…

Still a long way to go Kanye

Even though his performance was at the end (for good reason) I thought something more meaningful and lyrically apologetic would have been the top of Kanye’s list, but I guess at the end of the day he has apologised and learned in his own way- we still love you K, with or without the creative websites!

Check out “Runaway” ft Pusha T who is on the G.O.O.D Music Label, he tore it down at the show


Nicki Minaj jumps on the 2010 MTV VMA Promo train!! (Video clip)


So alongside Justin Bieber & Drake, our new and improved Barbie has also given her fans something to get excited about for this year’s VMA Awards!

Check out Nicki’s Promo and let me know what you think!

Drake channels Sinatra, & finds his Denzel Washington for 2010 Video Music Awards! (Promo)


The 2010 Video Music Awards are scheduled for September 12th which by the line up alone, we already know this night is going to be big!

If pigs could fly and drop me off, I would be honoured to give you the low down from the show, however that wish won’t come true so I thought I’d bring you some excitement while we all wait!

Drake seems to be just as excited as the rest of us to be attending this year’s show and he should, as alongside himself and the rest of the new-bees they will be sitting next to some of their icons!

In the 90 second clip, Drake taps into jazz icon Frank Sinatra as well as Denzel Washington’s character Bleek Gilliam in the Spike Lee flick “Mo’ Better Blues”.

Check out what he said about his icons

”I get to channel my inner [Frank] Sinatra,” he said. “In the acting world, you gotta have reference points. I like to get into characters.” Also, he looks Denzel Washington for inspiration. ” ‘Mo’ Better Blues’ is like one of my favorite movies of all time. This reminds me of Denzel, who played a character [called] Bleek Gilliam,” he shared. “I’m trying to channel that today.”

Let me know what you think of the clip xx