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Blu Ivy Has Mamma B Strolling The New York Streets- Flats & All (Photos)


Since the restaurant sighting it’s no wonder that everyone has camera at the ready for the next shot of Jayonce’s bundle of joy. So b has decided to do us a favour and get some daily well needed fresh air so we can peep the girl in a sling with her mamma!

Yesterday the Love on Top singer enjoyed the weather while strolling the streets of New york with a bottle of water and a bottle for Miss Carter to hand too. Also all eyes were on B.I.C’s footwear as at 8 weeks young she is already being introduced to how mummy and daddy roll with Little silver Marc Jacobs shoes. Check out the mum and daughter below

And just the day before the cameras snapped three generations stepping proud on the same street of New York. Tina must be so proud and with Matthew Knowles gushing about singing to his grand-daughter + with Beyonce proudly dishing on parenthood at Robin Thicke’s birthday party a few days ago I’m happy for her that she has now come to a place in her life where Blu makes those heels worth leaving at home!

Amen to B.I.C! Check her out with her mum and grandma below xx

TI Signs Iggy Azalea & Chip (Chipmunk) To Grande Hustle Record Label


New female rapper on the block Australian born Iggy Azalea has landed a deal with TI and his Hustle Gang family. With her first debut LP “the New Classic” to be released in June later this year, this blonde girl next door with the hips has been refreshing the airwaves with a clear different approach to the industry. And her arrival is going down very well to within the music industry too as she is the first female to be graced on the cover of XXL.

The Last Song (the video below) is a track with an incredible twist. Rapping over a ballad for me was exceptional executed and the first to grace my ears and fill them with excitement breathes a sigh of relief that I hope she stays straight Hip-hop. This LA based young lady got my seal of approval.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think…..

And if you like what you heard you can also download her mixtape Ignorant Art FREE at

Congrtualations to them both!

Kanye Does London Fashion Week While The Carters Do The Jersey/ Knicks Game (Photo’s)


With the news being released first thing this morning that Watch The Throne WILL be doing a London + European Tour I was so thankful to the most high for answering my prayers! Like we havent had to wait long enough already! Cha!

Here in our city at London Fashion Week Kanye checks out what’s good at the Mark Fast Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection in Somerset House whilst prepping for his debut in Paris next month. And those damn heavyweight new Air Yeezy’s dropping in March are bleeding gorgeous and I repeat they BETTER come in a size 3 for Me to rock!

And with The Carters overseas it nice to see they’re taking a break and enjoying some time together. Hitting up the New York Knicks taking on the New Jerseys, the couple do what they do best with autographs and enjoying each other’s company. Natural faced B keeps the swag on point and you can tell there aren’t much nannies around- happy there attending to Blu properly!


Rihrih’s Laughing Cause She’s On The Remix! Can’t Stop Breezy Now So Just It Turn Up (New Video + Remix)


From his success at the Grammy’s his award-winning performance (literally) there is no stopping for what is to come for Chris Brown this year. With Fortune (the new EP) soon to drop, even the Twitter madness that Rihanna + Breezy’s are friends (shock horror) and it’s there to stay, it is finally time for the rest of the world to forgive. It is clear that if God can forgive his son alongside Rih who has jumped into the studio with him for the remix to this polished and well executed video then the rest of y’all need to #LEEGGGO

You can’t say he’s not flipping incredible as what he does and that God-given talent is not going to waste. Despite the controversy on Twitter I’m soo happy that his musical talent is silencing everyone as when an artist is hott everyone wants to work with them and Rih made sure she jumped on that list too.

Just watch the video!

And of course the Remix featuring Rihanna

EXCLUSIVE Kanye West & Jay-Z & Ni**as In Paris Video


It’s here! With beautiful animation from animals to archeiture, lasers and artwork we are now watching The Throne. And from the visuals and exclusive screening last night at Shoreditch station the fully awaited visual has dropped for the bougie track Ni**as I Paris taken off the successful Watch The Throne EP. Even though the UK still have NOT been excited with a show for their latest collaboration (rolls eyes)

With Kanye gearing up for his March 6th self titled fashion line in Paris, rumours of a second short art-esque film in the works and with Jay on daddy duties, I’ll let them off the hook as the do “get the people going”

WARNING:This video has been identified with epilepsy action to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

*A Must Watch* Jay-Z 1st Performance of “Glory” With Beyonce In The Crowd


There back! Jay-Z took to the stage for his charity concert at Carnegie Hall for his two-day mini concert last night. And what a night it was. With the help of Alicia Keys + Nas to help rock the crowds with his memorable anthems we also got to see other half Mrs Carter looking quite flat in the tummy only one month after giving birth to their daughter Blue Ivy! Homegirl must be doing some serious excercise or she has on one hell of a spandex. Either way the new mum looked hott with her post Ivy figure in a get up of Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin + a fitting red Alice Temperlry. Even though the little bundle of joy was not in the crowd with her mama supporting daddy giving tribute to her both B + Jay showed their love in big and small ways.

Copy this link into your browser for the NY Times full review of the had to be there night below;

Check out the heartfelt performance below- sounds like the jigga man was keeping them tears back…Awww

We Bout To #LEEGGGOO Chris Brown **New Music**


Breezy is going H.A.M right now for his up and coming new album Fortune. With being in the studio with Busta Rhymes/ Nas/ Pharell and many more 2011, was the warm up to the explosion that is Chris’s 2012. Breezy’s year.

Check out the second single, a heavy dance track produced by The underdogs from his up and coming album called- Turn Up The Music

I am so happy that he has found love and it is fair to say that it’s now his time to reign as he is right back in his element, bigger better and badder than ever! Some are saying that he is the female Beyonce of our generation, and I would more than agree to this statement as he is a true testament to real talent and being able to diversities his music but remain C.Breezy! He more than a triple threat yo!

Also working with Bussa Buss on his project check out the behind the scenes of his new video “Why Stop Now” directed by Hype Williams

Someone tell him to get his ASS to the UK ASAP Please! xxx

**A Must Watch** Mr West @ The Big Day Out Festival + States Reasons For Lateness… So There!


From Paris to Australia Kanye, the headline act over on the beautiful Gold Coast hit up the stage, and like he does best Shut It Down! With stops in Melbourne and Sydney to follow the carefully entertaining production set is a must see with the unexpected- which is how he throw down to delight the crowds.

Also in regards to what the tabloids over exaggerated his sound check and lateness to, like a real gentlemen Ye apologised for his “lateness” and states the reasons behind his… You know what I’mma let him finish…

Arriving on stage:

It’s all here in the Monster performance:

All Of The Lights Performance:

Stronger Performance:

Run This Town & Classic Homecoming Performance:

And The Good Life- I hear you Boo… London Town, you know how we get down!