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(New Music Video 2010!) Jeremih feat 50 Cent “Down On Me”


ATTENTION PLEASE!! Grab your 3D glasses, you’ll need them for the new Jeremih video. The singer has just released the special effects video for his second single Down On Me featuring 50 Cent.

“All About You” (the new album)hit stores and iTunes today. The regular version of the video will be released later on today; Jeremih will be appearing on 106 & Park in the US, so until then enjoy!!

50 Cent sure knows how to keep himself and his fans well entertained. With his Twitter back up and running, he has wasted no time in letting the social network know his likes, dislikes and everything in between.

So with the release of a mixtape in the works and with recent track “They Burn Me” circulating quite well, let me know what you think of “Down On Me” featuring the luscious Jeremih!

Enjoy xx