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Trey Songz feat Nicki Minaj “Bottoms Up” (Official Music Video)


Trey Songz has had an amazing last couple of months!

Touring with Jay-Z, making music with some of the world’s hottest artists, Mr Songz is only going from strength to strength.

Here is the official video for the club banging single “Bottoms Up” featuring the inevitable Nicki Minaj!

Enjoy xx

(New Music 2010!!) Trey Songz feat Nicki Minaj “Bottoms Up”


All the women love him…

All the women want to be with him…

And all the women want to know how he get’s them the way he does…

Well ladies, Mr Trey Songz is about to tell you with his fourth album soon to be released.

Passion, Pain, and Pleasure is the name of the upcoming LP and we all will be expecting big things from the R’n’B heart-throb.

“Bottom’s Up” is the first track of the new album and features the amazing Nicki Minaj and with his album to drop September 14th (the same day Kanye’s drops) we hope this won’t be last we hear from the new album.

Check out the hot new single and tell me what you think!!

Enjoy xx

Fat Joe feat Trey Songz “If It Ain’t About Money” (Exclusive New Video)


Fat Joe is back!!

And hooking up with one of R’n’B sexual’s icons at present Mr Trey Songz, we predict big things from one of the most influential US rappers still standing strong in the game.

The Darkside Joe’s upcoming album hits stores July 27th in the US. We hope comes to promote in the UK as since his last single “Lean Back” this track would be a good place to start!

Enjoy xx