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Frank Ocean Does It Again With Unreleased Hidden Gem “Best Seller”


All I can say about this Genius of a man is- Hurry up and drop the album, so I can sit in the front row of a sell out show and watch you awe me in all your glory!

This man makes my nervous system jump, that’s how BIG he is to me. Gotta love the Ocean Man Frank

You Will Enjoy- FACT

“OMG IT’S” Frank Ocean “Novacane” Official Video


This is one of the reason’s why I am sooo excited about this man. For his 1st release Novacane introduces us to the genius that is Frank Ocean. I looked up the definition of the word with “No results” and came to the conclusion that only geniuses make up cool words for there take and definition on where there high takes them.

With a very interesting visual that the majority will be able to relate as well as catch on to I personally cannot wait for his 1st album release.

Major Props! Enjoy! xx

*Hot New Sexy Ballad* Frank Ocean “Thinking About You”


This man is incredible! Already oozing with talent and a musical celebrity list which includes featuring on Jay-Z and Kanye West “Watch The Throne” Please remember to look out for this amazing artists future album.

Check out “Thinking About You”

Enjoy xx