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Preeya Kalidas “Shimmey” featuring Mumzy Stranger (New Music Video 2010!!)


We all remember the glamorous Amira, Syed’s wife from Eastenders?

Well did we all forget that in one of the Eastenders episodes (before her heartbreaking exit) she actually sung, and she could sing too!!

“Shimmy” is Preeya’s first official single and describing her music as “a mix of sexy, sassy and soulful pop music” it looks like a home run with all genres is what she is aiming for. Featuring Mumzy Stranger, this single is definitely one for the clubs.

Check out below an extract from her interview with 4Music:

Tell us about your debut single, Shimmy.

It’s vibrant, sexy, sassy, and an urban pop tune. It was important to come out with a bang and make an impact with the first single. I love songs that uplift you. I love dancing and I wanted to make a song that people can dance to. Particularly at times when things can be quite downbeat, everyone can do with a bit of an uplift.

How are you finding the transition from soap-star to popstar?
Singing has been my main forte. I only spent a year in the show so it wasnt like I’d been in Eastenders for ten years and that’s the only thing I’m known for. My career has been extremely diverse. So far people have been really responsive and quite excited about the release.

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Shimmy is out on release now!!

Enjoy xx