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**Money Talks** Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2011- Forbes Hip-Hop Top 20 Earners


Yea yes y’all it’s like that y’all and you don’t stop!

Well Well Well it’s that time of year again and I will not go on with any procrastinating chit-chat, we will just get right on with it!

1. Jay-Z – $37 million
2. P. Diddy – $35 million
3. Kanye West – $16 million
4. Lil Wayne (tie) – $15 million
4. Birdman (tie) – $15 million
6. Eminem (tie) – $14 million
6. Dr. Dre (tie) – $14 million
6. Snoop Dogg (tie) – $14 million
9. Akon – $13 million
10. Ludacris – $12 million

Beyond the top ten, rappers Wiz Khalifa and Drake share the #11 spot at $11 million, while Nicki Minaj and Swizz Beatz tie at #15 with $6.5 million. Nicki is the first female rapper to ever make the Forbes Cash ‘Kings’ list.

For the Official List and how they got there, copy and paste the following link below which will take you to

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You Know How They Roll!

Snoop Dogg *Hot New Music* ft John Legend & Kanye West “Eyez Closed”


This is an interesting collection of names together, but they do go very well together!

Snoop and his upcoming album “Doggumentary” enlisted the help of John Legend and Mr West for the track “Eyez Closed” that leaked a couple of months back. Without even hearing Kanye the beat invites us into his presence and the track ain’t half bad…

Check it out and let me know what you guys think! xxx

(New Music 2010!) Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg & Akon- “Kush”


I still have no idea when this so-called “Detox” album is dropping but after hearing this, I’m not sure how long I am supposed to contain my excitement for!

Snoop and Dre alone have it in the bag, Akon just reminds us were in 2010 not back in the classic hip hop days!

I am soo feeling this, hit me up and let me know what you think! Enjoy xx

Lauryn Hill is the star @ Rock The Bells 7th Annual HipHop Festival! (Pics and Video)


The 7th Annual Rock The Bells Concert took place yesterday at San Bernadino @ The Nos Center New York. The whole of NY came out to check out headline act Lauryn Hill with other mega acts such as Wu Tang, Snoop Dogg, A Tribe Called Quest and much more.

With Ms Lauryn Hill

And it wasn’t just her performance that got everyone hyped up. Watching from backstage were some of 2010 urban A-list celebrities (watch the clip and check out the guests) who watched her bring back old-time classic “Fu Gee La” as well as bringing them out!

I am so glad Lauryn is back, as a little while ago we bought you a track from the legend called “Repercussions”. Even though it was not completed just having her back on the radio takes us all back to when her album never came out of the CD player, but alas I bring you more good news!!

Dana Rivera of Boywonder Entertainment, producer and co-writer of Lauryn Hill’s newly released track “Repercussions,” tells that “Repercussions” was just a track the dup started working on. But thanks to its leak on to the net and airwaves, and despite it being unfinished, it is burning up the R&B charts.

Reports previously speculated that the mysteriously released track was actually a demo for Lauryn’s Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album. But Lauryn’s high school friend Dana tells us that’s not the case.

No, this is not an out take from the Miseducation album, it is a “work in progress,” Dana tells today. He went on to explain to us, “Lauryn’s ability to move from smooth vocals to rippin’ a rap verse is necessary to make “Repercussions” complete.”

While Dana confirms that Lauryn has indeed been back in the studio, he can’t yet confirm that she is working on a new full album. Neither Lauryn, nor her label Sony, have yet to confirm anything yet as well.

Check out Lauryn in full swing and more of the fun below in pics… enjoy xx