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Matt Cardle is the X-Factor 2010 Winner!! (Homage to the Painter/Decorater)



It’s over! And I alongside the millions of us Nationwide and Worldwide watched the adorable Matt Cardle win this year’s very controversy X-Factor!

FYI- Every Week Matt Had The Most Votes- just confirmed!

The bookies’ favourite from Colchester, Essex, beat Liverpudlian Rebecca Ferguson to take the 2010 crown, and with Danni Minogue to mentor her 1st Winner on the show, everyone had something to celebrate!

Matt’s 1st single that was available to download from Last Night was “When We Collide” If you didn’t catch the amazing live performance last night, fear not I got ya!

From the moment the Cardle came in and blew us all away with his first audition, I think it’s safe to say he ticked the singing, likeability and personality boxes ALL in one day which I feel made him the front-runner from beginning!

Commiseration to the beautiful voice and soul which is Rebbeca Ferguson oi oi! (We share the same surname lol) A lovely personality and we wish her all the best in the future with her family and career.

Now, I want everyone to be really honest with me for this bit and leave your answer in the comment box. Ok ready, “What two did you think would have made it to the finals?” My answer- Matt Cardle & Rebbeca Ferguson- I wrote my down in an envelope too!

Now It wouldn’t be fair on me- who is a massive supporter of Matt to show you what I thought kept him as the front-runner from the beginning so I hope you enjoy my homage and go to I Tunes now! Download the new single and all the performances from the X-Factor!

Enjoy xxx

Matt’s 1st Audition

Matt goes to boot camp…

Week 1- Kelly Rowland “When Love Takes Over”

Week 2- Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are”

Week 5- “The First Time”- This performance for me stamped Matt as no:1

Week 9- “You Got The Love”- Double the madness! The Semi-Final week and Matt was struck down with tonsilitis in this week. Two songs to sing, missing rehearsals and not able to strain his voice – the pressure was definitely on!

Song 2: “She’s Always A Woman”

However for me, the performance that won it for Matt was the beautiful ballad “Unfaithful” that he duet with Rihanna. She stepped out in a stunning gown, slashed at the hip and showing her whole leg! That kept Matt and the rest of the male population quiet!

Matt seemed nervous, but sang that song like him and Miss Fenty had done this performance before. “He’s adorable and I’m lucky to be singing with him. I really love your work and I wish you all the best,” she said.

Congratulations Matt!!! 2010 X-Factor Winner!!! xxx

ITV Secure X-Factor & Britian’s Got Talent for their viewers while Cheryl gets to four ciggarettes a day!


I hope the title caught your attention! And if it has I think I should start with why you clicked in the first place!

Sources claim that Cheryl Cole is trying to quit smoking.

The X Factor judge revealed that she has been trying to cut down with a view to stopping altogether.

The 27 year-old told Piers Morgan in a yet-to-be-screened interview: “I’ve managed to get myself down to four cigarettes a day. It’s my one vice, but I want to stop smoking completely.”

Yes! The majority of the world did not think she was a smoker, but hopefully her night with Piers Morgan will be on sooner than confirmed for (which was after the X-Factor semi finals). Very teary I heard…

FYI- Cheryl wil be appearing on Piers Morgan October 23 at 10pm on ITV1.

So back to ITV and their amazing new deal! Read on for details…

ITV has agreed a new three-year deal to keep hit shows The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent on its channels.

The arrangement extends ITV’s nine-year relationship with music mogul Simon Cowell until 2013.

Britain’s Got Talent will return to ITV1 next spring and The X Factor in autumn 2011. ITV2 will continue to broadcast The Xtra Factor and Britain’s Got More Talent.

As part of the renewed collaboration with Syco Entertainment and FremantleMedia, the broadcaster said it had also secured exclusive UK broadcast rights to the American version of The X Factor and America’s Got Talent for ITV2.

Cowell said: “I am thrilled this deal has been concluded with ITV to enable our relationship to continue to develop. I am committed to making sure both shows get bigger and better every year.

“I have a lot to thank ITV for; they have been key in making The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent the UK’s biggest television shows.”

Peter Fincham, ITV Director of Television, added: “The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent are the shows that have helped define the last decade of television in the UK and have become more than just a talking point: they are a national obsession, and I’m delighted that our viewers can continue to enjoy them on ITV over the next three years.”

It is exciting to know, but do they think this is realistic? Will the judges move to the US, or go back and forth to make this work? In order for all 4 shows to work both in the UK and US is going to be a lot of hard work.

Do you think they could possibly pull this off? Comments please! xx