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(The UK & US Make Hott New Music) Tinie Tempah, Wretch32 & J Cole Go H.A.M On “Like It Or Love It”



Three of the biggest heavyweights in the game right now have all decided to come together, put their inspirational tongues tigether and


Have bought us this! Woah is all I can say but thing… I do Love this track A Lot!

Enough said I will let these guys

(A Must Watch Exclusive) Jay-Z Narrates Rihanna’s Family Values


Now more that ever in this ever-changing society and fast paced life that we are all living in, we routinely hear our celebrity heros talk about how much family is important to them. and that is something that we all can relate to.

So from King B’s Year of 4 documentary done dusted and out the way the first up from the Roc Nation camp to allow us to delve a little more into her world is the one and only Miss Fenty

Narrated By Shawn Carter It’s nothing like family. These are the people who make you who you are. They’ve helped you grow; they’re responsible for the countless lessons in life that you’ve learned. It’s the memories of who you were that makes them proud to see who you have become. They’re the ones who filtered your dream and provided the fuel to make them reality. They constantly give you an example of what it takes to make something happen. They give from the heart; they don’t change.

There is no way that you could ever repay them for everything they’ve done for you. But that doesn’t matter; what matters is that they know your love for them will never change.

This works as little clips leave lasting impressions, and as we all know quality over quantity never fails. I hope this is not the last of her Shawn Carter narrated webisodes as even though this was shot a few years back (as her brother is older than that now and has a single on You Tube) needless to say the hidden visuals bring her all together alongside the brilliant “Cheers To The Weekend” video.

What do you think of the webisode? Do you want more? xx

#TendingWorldwide Beyonce Brings Her Video Treatment For “Party” – Andre 3000 +J Cole?


With Solange, Kelly and J Cole fashionable rapper Theophilus London, eye-wear designers Coco & Breezy and up-and-coming model Shaun D. Ross only submitted to 40 seconds of this very decadence and opulent party I have to say guys that I am a bit disappointed that Andre 3000 could not be a part of this track as I still feel that his verse was more suited for the occasion. Not at all am I saying that J Cole doesn’t “work” with the single and visual, but I feel that if Andre 3000 was on the set we have received a “less is more” celebration and B wouldn’t have been obliged to the multi dress changes which the majority shades her baby.

Look like someone watched the “We Found Love” Video then hey

What do you think of it all? As much as I respect my fellow Virgo, me myself as a parent was doing the same things as B was keeping busy while the bump grows. However sometimes less is more and quality will always reign over quantity so I really do have my fingers crossed and hope and pray that this is the last video for now, as her hormones seem to be edging to that stop button.

Comments please!

J Cole Zone Goes Triple Time With “Daddy’s Little Girl” Video, Rolling Out Interview & New Track “Mr Nice Watch”


There is no stopping Roc Nation’s Mr Cole right about now. From Touring to new music, to the release of his album and rumors including Rihanna, this perfection in the making is so busy Rolling Out Magazine got to slow him right the way down.

Shout outs to Necole Bitchie & Rolling Out

Check out a few excerpts from the interview below:

On his first encounter with Jay-Z

I heard that Jay-Z was recording the American Gangster album. That same night, I made two beats and I thought it would be perfect for Jay-Z. I went to the studio where Jay-Z was recording and I waited outside for three hours. His Phantom finally pulled up. I was super timid and shy. I had the CD in my hand and I tried to hand it to Jay-Z. He looked at it and said, ‘What is this? I don’t want that. Give it to one of those other guys.’ It was crushing. That was another moment. But I snapped back to reality. I knew after that, I had to go harder. That type of rejection fuels me. I believe that greatness is fueled by rejection. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team; Jay-Z had trouble getting a record deal before Reasonable Doubt; and no one wanted to sign Kanye West as a rapper.

On meeting Jay-Z a year later

One year later, Jay-Z heard a song through Mark Pitts. Jay called me for a meeting. It was a three-hour meeting and I played my music [for] him. We talked about President Obama and other things. Five weeks later, he offered me a record deal.

On trying to purse a career in Basketball

I tried out for the basketball team as freshman and I got cut. My cousin played ball and told me to become the team’s manager, get in good with the coach and learn the system. So I swallowed my pride and I became the team’s manager. I figured that I would make the team the next year just because I was the team’s manager. But I got cut the very next year. The average person would have [given] up after getting cut twice. The next summer before my junior year, I played one-on-one with the best player on the team and worked hard on my game. I finally made the team and I was starting my senior year. If it wasn’t for that rejection in basketball, I’m not sure if I would have had what it takes to make it in rap.

On a rumored sex tape with Rihanna

Gossip is foreign to me. By nature, I don’t like gossip. I never was on the gossip sites. Now being on the other side, it’s annoying. A lot of people don’t know the difference between gossip and reality. They may think that you have a sex tape with Rihanna, or [that] you’re having sex with Solange because of what someone made up. But I guess it’s just something that comes with the territory.

Read more: J. Cole Talks Jay-z Rejection & Rihanna Rumors In Rolling Out Magazine

And now time for Daddy’s Little Girl & Mr Nice Watch (audio) feat Jay-Z