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Cassie talks to Bust about Marriage, Life & Music (Interview & Photos)


Cassie also known as Diddy’s other half has been making waves on the music front over the last couple of weeks, popping up doing a few performances here and there. Most recently she performed a collection of her “hits” in St Tropez VIP Rooms.

Is a music career back on the table shaved bombshell model?

It seems so as the 23 year-old fiancée to Diddy is putting the final touches on her upcoming ‘Electro Love’. In the works for four years, the LP is no doubt a Platinum-seller in the making- we hope

Bust Magazine hooked up with Cassie for their Aug/Sept issue for an interview, check out what she had to say on Love, Life & Music…

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What are your favorite late-summer jams?

I’m loving “Bulletproof” by La Roux, “Hello Good Morning” by Diddy, and “Fireworks” by Drake, featuring Alicia Keys.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Recently, I’ve been wearing Alexander Wang.

What’s your dream scenario for your life 10 years from now?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a family person, so in 10 years I hope to be madly in love with my future husband, surrounded by children. I also dream that in 10 years my career will have flourished and I’ll have a home on the water somewhere.

We check out our favourite Cassie (and friend’s) Clips!

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Diddy & Bad Boy take over Vibe Magazine Aug/Sept Issue (Photos!!)


Check out next month’s Vibe US Magazine cover!!

It’s like Diddy seems to always knows how to catch our attention, whatever we are doing!

Sitting down and chatting with Editor in Chief Jermaine Hall, he described Diddy as “relaxed, candid and in the best space I’ve seen him in”.

Read on below for a sneak peek into the interview.

Dr. Dre said that the last beat that floored him was “All About the Benjamins.” How does that make you feel?

It’s humbling. I was in the studio with Dre the other day. He started working on a record for me. Watching him as a producer is watching greatness. We had a lot of similar traits. It was like looking in the mirror. He would ask questions like, “How you feel about this?” People don’t really understand true producers want to know how you feel about things. We are some of the most observant people on the planet.

What happened during the Martin Bashir interview on Nightline?

There were times in the interview when I had to give him an ultimatum. The questions weren’t being handled the right way. In hindsight, when I saw him I shouldn’t had done the interview because I know the style of interview that he does . . . The whole thing about giving a Maybach to my son, that’s really like a racist question. You don’t ask White people what they buy their kids. And they buy ‘em Porsches and convertible Bentley’s and it ain’t no question. It’s really a racist question and put things back in perspective with money and the way that people still look at you. And I’m not saying that consciously he’s a racist. But he probably don’t even realize that he would not ask Steve Jobs that. He would be like Steve Jobs has that money and that’s the gift his kid is supposed to get.

Are the comments from Lil’ Kim about Nicki disheartening?

When I heard her say what she said, it didn’t really affect me. I didn’t get mad at her or anything like that. I knew how she felt. I ain’t agree with it. But also I know the motivation. I know that people say, “Oh, he’s trying to get a new Lil’ Kim.” I guess people will see in time. Yeah, Nicki’s had flavored wigs on, but besides that it ain’t even the same approach to the writing.

This is why Diddy keeps our attention!!

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All I do Is Win Dj Khaled Remix (New Photo’s 2010)


So the Smash version of the track “All I Do Is Win” featuring Ludacris, T-Pain, Snoopp and Rick Ross is getting the remix treatment.

With a bigger lineup including the likes of Diddy, Nicki Minaj & Jadakiss, check out how who else to look out for in these behind the scene pictures for the upcoming video!!

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