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*New Sexy Music* “Body 2 Body” Acehood feat Chris Brown


His First Official Album "Blood Sweat and Tears" is out soon

Now since Acehood appeared on the 2011 BET Awards his presence went down with the females quite a treat. We have the reason to smile for two reasons- 1. He has a brilliant and may I say some what impressive physique and 2.He resembles Lil Wayne but Without the ex’es/ baby mothers/ girlfriends- you get where I am going with this lool.

So we all know that it was Ace’s first award show which is why it seemed the most appropriate place for also Breezy to return and takeover the whole show- not to mention DJ Khaled’s triple appearances (that had me in stitches for ages!)

Anywhoo check out this track because as we all know like Chris say “Your fucking with a real freak” Laarrrdd of Mercy!

Enjoy xx