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Rihrih’s Laughing Cause She’s On The Remix! Can’t Stop Breezy Now So Just It Turn Up (New Video + Remix)


From his success at the Grammy’s his award-winning performance (literally) there is no stopping for what is to come for Chris Brown this year. With Fortune (the new EP) soon to drop, even the Twitter madness that Rihanna + Breezy’s are friends (shock horror) and it’s there to stay, it is finally time for the rest of the world to forgive. It is clear that if God can forgive his son alongside Rih who has jumped into the studio with him for the remix to this polished and well executed video then the rest of y’all need to #LEEGGGO

You can’t say he’s not flipping incredible as what he does and that God-given talent is not going to waste. Despite the controversy on Twitter I’m soo happy that his musical talent is silencing everyone as when an artist is hott everyone wants to work with them and Rih made sure she jumped on that list too.

Just watch the video!

And of course the Remix featuring Rihanna

We Bout To #LEEGGGOO Chris Brown **New Music**


Breezy is going H.A.M right now for his up and coming new album Fortune. With being in the studio with Busta Rhymes/ Nas/ Pharell and many more 2011, was the warm up to the explosion that is Chris’s 2012. Breezy’s year.

Check out the second single, a heavy dance track produced by The underdogs from his up and coming album called- Turn Up The Music

I am so happy that he has found love and it is fair to say that it’s now his time to reign as he is right back in his element, bigger better and badder than ever! Some are saying that he is the female Beyonce of our generation, and I would more than agree to this statement as he is a true testament to real talent and being able to diversities his music but remain C.Breezy! He more than a triple threat yo!

Also working with Bussa Buss on his project check out the behind the scenes of his new video “Why Stop Now” directed by Hype Williams

Someone tell him to get his ASS to the UK ASAP Please! xxx

(Exclusive New Video) Fat Joe Enlists The Help Of Chris Breezy For “Another Round”


It’s here! I didn’t know what to expect when I watched the treatment for this seductive ballad but with Fat Joe’s new look (and I was quite surprised as the first shot that comes into play, you can’t even spot the difference between the two!) Joe Crack seems to be aging gracefully with this simple but effective location, it give the lyrics to really sink in!

Beautiful video xxx

What do you think?

Jigga & Yeezy’s “Ni**a’s In Paris” & Otis get Remixed by Bussa Buss/ Wretch 32 & Chipmunk/ Breezy + TPain/ Tinie Tempah/ TI


Since the release of Watch The Throne every artist from the UK and the US have jumped on the infamous beats that “Otis & Ni**a’s In Paris” have made bleeding Orignal by the two Daddies of Hip Hop

Check out who’s paid homage to the fellas’


Breezy Gets Busted Tweeting Rihanna / Bow Wow & Baby Girl Plus New Heat “2 Young 2 Give A F**K”


OMG is all I can say. This had me with the big band intro and Breezy and Bow Wow take this track home and back again. 2 mins are not enough for me I’m afraid. And with Breezy on tour causing a god damn talented body everywhere he go with his infectious hips, there’s no stopping him. However, after Breezy got caught re handed tweeting RihRih about a recent picture he had sent her I wonder what be next for them two. There both single and with Bow Wow as a proud Daddy, maybe Chris & Fenty just can’t be without each other. Awwwww

Have a look at this!


Check out Bow Wow and his baby girl below

You have to love this, how could you not?

Hope you like it too!

Chris Brown & Justin Bieber team up for “Ladies Love Me” (Hott New Track)


I am loving the creativity that Chris Breezy is bringing to us. His mixtape “Boy In Detention” alongside features and new videos here there and all over the online world is officially making me soo happy that he is back better than ever!

Tell me what you think of the track, if they ever make a visual to the “Look At Me Now” remix I would be glued to the TV just to see Justin go hard like he does!

The Game enlists C.Breezy for a track winner- “Pot Of Gold” (Brand New Video)


It’s such a shame that Game tried to attract business/popularity and attention in the way that is soo played out now. If you didn’t catch onto what I was talking about indeed the “Otis” diss.
I’m just glad he realised to keep on pushing toward the top like everyone else.

Here is another track from the red blood- “Pot Of Gold”