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It’s The Return of Madonna B***es! “Give Me All You Luvin” (New Video)


Now we all know tha Madonna is the Matriarch of US female pop and with all the hoopla with her return to not only the music but film industry she hits it on the nail hands down for reinventing herself. Understanding that she has to keep up with the hip music of today she cleverly has roped it two well-known female MC’s. Miss Nicki Minaj & new mother M.I.A

The new track “Give Me All Your Luvin” has a few subliminal messages maybe taking shot at her ex Guy Richie (which I thought she did enough of in her recent film) & Lady Gaga “Every record sounds the same you got to step into my world” Now I love the production of the video always winning as she is Madonna so she does do it well. For me this video would have worked with and without the girls but they do bring it up to date- without her showing her off body looking a tad Ott for an established mama.

Whatever is to come from her 2012 “I’m back on the music scene, I hold my breath”

I wanna hear your thoughts…

(New Music 2010!) M.I.A- “Teqkilla” Remix feat Nicki Minaj


M.I.A is one of those artists that fall into their own unique genres. Hooking up with Nicki Minaj, another female artist who is in her own element at present the new track from M.I.A called “Teqkilla” is definitely going to be on repeat on the hottest radio stations real soon…

What do you think of the collaboration?

Enjoy xx