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Rihrih’s Laughing Cause She’s On The Remix! Can’t Stop Breezy Now So Just It Turn Up (New Video + Remix)


From his success at the Grammy’s his award-winning performance (literally) there is no stopping for what is to come for Chris Brown this year. With Fortune (the new EP) soon to drop, even the Twitter madness that Rihanna + Breezy’s are friends (shock horror) and it’s there to stay, it is finally time for the rest of the world to forgive. It is clear that if God can forgive his son alongside Rih who has jumped into the studio with him for the remix to this polished and well executed video then the rest of y’all need to #LEEGGGO

You can’t say he’s not flipping incredible as what he does and that God-given talent is not going to waste. Despite the controversy on Twitter I’m soo happy that his musical talent is silencing everyone as when an artist is hott everyone wants to work with them and Rih made sure she jumped on that list too.

Just watch the video!

And of course the Remix featuring Rihanna



This is what the world has been waiting for, and with Daddy Carter giving us a little insight with a few simple words of what Parenthood is actually doing to them as we speak, Mamma B has followed up also letting us in on their new Girl Glory.

Last week Twitter went into a frenzy when Jay took to the social site to say- see below:

And now Mummy has followed up with an exclusive interview with Star Magazine! Check out what she has to say so far on their one week new-found lifetime experience!

Kisses to STAR Magazine xxx

Talking exclusively to Star in her first interview since giving birth, Beyonce Knowles told us she had an “instant connection” with her daughter Blue Ivy.

Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy earlier this month and the singer admitted the experience was overwhelming.

She told us: “Nothing can describe the feeling. You have the instant connection once you know your child is growing inside you, but when you hold it for the first time, the words can’t be found.

“It’s an old cliché that the thing expectant moms look forward to the most is holding their child in their arms for the first time, but it’s one of those clichés that is a real truth.”

Beyonce revealed Jay-Z is equally excited about being a father and said they couldn’t wait to bring their daughter home.

She explained: “I am so excited. From the time I knew I was pregnant we have been parents.

“A child is the greatest gift you can receive, and we are so excited and blessed to be in this situation.

“We are all great, we are just glad to be going home and starting this new stage of our life.

“The hospital staff have all been so great, but we were ready to go home and show our beautiful daughter where she will be living.”

Awwww! Welcome to our world Carter’s, welcome! xxx

(Exclusive) Mary J Blige Shares “Alter Ego Brooklyn” With Alan Carr/ Releases 25/8


With the anticipation of her eagerly awaited EP “My Life II… The Journey Continues Act 1” to be released the 21st of this month, new track and visual 25/8 is giving us an insight into what we should expect from the highly excited new album.

As always Mary- The Queen of Hip Hop and R’n’B has been making rounds worldwide promoting her upcoming release and stopped by our one and only Alan Carr to give him a taste of someone who he wasn’t expecting to meet at their interview!

Take a look below and after check out Mary’s new video which takes us all the way back to Brooklyn… Lol xxhttp://


**Mary Florence Bello EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Talks Pride Magazine, Getting To The Top, & Trey Songz**


A while back I got the chance to catch up with the beautiful eclectique Miss Mary Bello to sit her down to find out about everything exactly how she does it all!

I also forgot to take a picture with here, this is something I’m going to have to get over, but check out the beauty below:

For More you can find her on Twitter @MissBelloTweets

Some would say she has had the best luck ever to be where she is now. The latest edition to the Pride Magazine camp as Entertainment Editor, this Law Degree Print Journalism Masters upcoming book writer & DJ is very much on top her multitasking platform. Time goes pretty fast when you enjoy what you do for a living. So imagine leaving all that? Transitioning from a job in the financial sector, and leaving an extremely comfortable annual income. After exchanging introductions and smiles I was invited to get comfy on the sofa to delve into her world. To leave it behind. To go from figures to nothing. All for the Entertainment World.

Could you? Would you? She did. She is Mary Florence Bello.

Six months deep into her first official editorial role and from Mary’s comfortable presence you would assume that’s she been there from the beginning. “It’s very quiet today. Normally when you come in you’d think everyone is mental but as the radio is not working its quiet” And how is she settling into her new chair? “I love it, it’s awesome, challenging & everyday is different”. Now at 28 the gracious fashionista is at the top of her game in three. So what would Mary say the secret in getting ideal is? “I would say part luck part networking and part hard work, so you need to network work for free, build up your contacts & get your freelancing game up” And if done in that order we all could crack into our perfect job, after all that’s how MB got her recommendation for Pride Magazine. “I met the previous Entertainment Editor at an event & I also met the Features Editor at an event who told me about the job and recommended me to the publisher. They knew my body of work which the publisher had no problem with and gave me the role” Well alrighty then!

In the beginning Ms Bello wanted to be a Fashion Designer. Loving fashion from a young age, even going as far too admitting loving clothes more than her friends had accumulated her confirmation in taking the plunge. That all changed once she Interned at Fashion Week. Described as the worst week of Intern Mary embraced a whole load of negative. From people’s shallow “Who are you, you don’t deserve to be here” attitude to condescending behaviour, they had easily summed up that what she really wanted to do was “write”. Bello states she knew it was “not for me”. The relief in her laughter touched on her level of professionalism and maturity throughout her encountered experience which has had no affect on her style of fashion. Describing her look as coquettish, girly, eclectique and sexy, her bold but demure high-waisted maxi and floral corset brings connotation to her stance on being unique. “I don’t really have someone I look too” and her pause is a true believer in her statement. With inspiration from friends and the East London women trends as well as the Tokyo fashion Mary is a patriot of embracing the woman’s figure. “I love girly and fitted and I think as a woman it’s nice to embrace your form for as long as you can” In her spare time when she’s not listening to Frank Ocean, Emeli Sande, Alicia Keys or Erykah Badu in that order you’ll find her at home on her decks as an aspiring bubbling DJ. With decks and a mixer she tells me “I can’t sing, produce I can only write and play tracks. I’m teaching myself; wanna take it to the clubs. This was another reason why I got into entertainment because I love music” Containing excitement.

And to think Once Upon A Time writing for Mary was just a hobby. A Graduate in Law, blogging for friends on fashion & relationships she had no idea that she would return and Master her skills in writing. “I knew I liked writing, but didn’t know a lot of things for the subject. How to structure things, terminology. You can’t learn how to write if your good your good, if your shit your shit” Proving to herself that she was not the latter and walked out with a Masters in Print Journalism.
Not soon after Maxim gave birth to the new-born Freelancer as it was with them her very 1st publication was produced and published. Putting her feet firmly on the ground MB remembers like it was yesterday. With an intimate work setting MB tells me that “they let me get on with things. I would turn out copies review films and movie premieres. By doing the Intern this convinced me that this was the career for me and I thank them so much. That is why you’ve got to Intern, to try it out as you may hate it you don’t know.”
From Grazia to Flavour magazine is where her thoughts began matching her reality. By interviewing her favourite artists, going to gigs doing reviews Mary realised things can happen, and it was at that moment she thought about going into Music Journalism. And as an alumni contributor to the publication, Mary knew she could do more with her talent.

Mary is physically and mentally aware that it has not been easy reaching her dream but she says “be Millicent, understand you won’t earn straight away. There is always a way to get to your dream” So for someone who has exchanged numbers for entertainment what kept her focus on where she is now? “It’s the pleasure in what you do. Whenever I’m at home I’m thinking of work. It becomes a part of you because you’re producing something consistently and you want it to be the best.” As Pride embraced the professional multitasked Mary reveals “I had to get on with it. No-one had any time to teach me anything and that’s something I see everyday which is why I keep it moving, always maintain a pace (clicks fingers to reiterate) Were not a massive team, most editorial teams are quite small so we get a lot of crossover” And with an all woman team the salutations are impeccably high in turning out success after success monthly. “Women are good at that. Were good at multitasking. I think you need to when you’re in this industry; you need to be multi talented. Because no-one wants someone who can do just one thing.” She continues “It’s boring especially like for your bosses and if you want to progress you need to work just as hard. You need to be ready to spread your wings and do whatever.” (My heart begins to flutter)

Her infectious intelligence and personality allows me to understand why her mind is always venturing into new adventures. Her first fiction novel, of which is close to completion is filled with a splash of fun, slither of darkness with diverse characters and strong individuals. Excited. Good. With author loyalties to Chicklet, Adele Parks and Cane River as her top three it is easy to see why she considers as “a big bookworm such a geek!” “When you’re a writer you have that creative side to you anyway. Any other outlet, just take it and that is my outlet.” When asked if there will be more books to follow as well as the Yes Bello lets me know that she “does not want to be bland I always have ideas” 

“I think it’s the best way to be fulfil your life and have lots of interests” And for this demure figurine she lives by that maxim. With her highest achievements and memorable moments in securing her new-found position. Attending the St Lucia Jam Festival & meeting the delicious Trey Songz (who had her grinning like a fool, even though she still loves him.) MB has knuckled down, become established through motivation and determination and has never looked backed with any regrets.“It’s just been a nice natural progression, I’ve been lucky, I’ve made quite a leap, it’s been a really good leap.” Some could say she has made the best luck ever to be where she is now. I think she would agree with that too.


Written By Natasha Ferguson.