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Jessie J *Hot New Ballad* “Casualty Of Love”


I really like this new track from Jessie guys and girls. The award-winning singer/songwriter is going in hard for 2011 and you have to respect the girl and her gangsta, it’s really refreshing!

Taken off her highly anticipated album “Who You Are” is due for release later on this month. This is the third single and a hard-core ballad in which our girl shows that there are no limits into what she is going to achieve.

You feeling it?

*Music Marathon by*… Wretch32! (New Tracks!)


Mr Wretch32 also known as Jermaine Sinclair (who turns 26 next month) sure knows how to keep a song etched into someone’s head lol.

New music from the main man had been released and I for one am very excited, as we all know in this game you got to keep it moving to get to where you want to be.

So he has hooked up and collaborated with a few heavyweights in the game also making it a total of two new tracks we get to listen to!

First up is a track called “Unorthodox” featuring our very Example.

And the next is a remix off the incredible Mark Ronsons’ “Record Collection” teaming up alongside Professor Green, Pharrell Williams and Wiley.

Do you like? Which one catches your attention more? Comments please!

*Hot Off The Press!* Simon Cowell signs 10 year old Heather! Umm Willow, You Got Competition Girl!


So apart from beginning auditions for the US X-Factor, we now know that in his spare time Mr Cowell also likes to go on You Tube!

What I mean is that another micro superstar has been found on one of the most popular websites in the world. Move over Biebs, because here comes Heather Smalls (and she’s from Canada too- interesting).

Heather is only 10 and when you listen to her voice below, let me know what you think. Now Willow Smith is signed to Roc Nation, so naturally Simon jumped on the band wagon and signed up little Miss Smalls to his record label also!
Her voice is uniquely brilliant with so much strength already, I just hope that Cowell will be able to find a market for her to display her talent. She doesn’t have to be as eccentric as Willow either as her voice does the job for her- apologies Pinkett-Smith clang.

Heather Smalls, her Mother, Mr Cowell & Music Producer Rob Fusari, who has worked with Lady Gaga in the past.

Where would Heather fit? Comments please! xx

*New Artist Review*- Lerix EP- “New Heights” Is He Ready For the Roc Nation Roster?


Emerging new rap artist hailing from Brooklyn New York is Lerix, a man with a mission. His debut EP “New Heights” was released in November 2010. And the track listing and standard of lyrical contemporary flow does not fail to disappoint. Lerix has preformed at numerous shows around in the US Cities. Most notably he played at Littlefield, for the Full Spectrum Show as part of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival; at the Beauty Bar and at Rockwells.

Each track brings a reminiscence of the past. And to do that and be able to still keep hold of the present is not an easy task, however Lerix has shown it is not impossible. With his similarities to Roc Nation's J Cole, "New Heights" is definitely on the right track.

The playlist has been strategically formatted to believe Lerix coud be next to sign to the Roc Nation roster, and he would not be out-of-place alongside his fellow peers. The addictive beats make listening to his lyrical flow easy on the ear, leaving you wanting more because of that fact. Finding and maintaining a balance shows the levels of research this artist is doing to nail his potential target audience and to show he is bang on correct for 2011.

I compliment his ego and driven personality for not overseeing his raw creative ability as "New Heights" does not just showcase his talent and versatility but also a snapshot into his personality, life and most importantly the genres of music he was bought up on. An element of dominant genres, Rock, Pop, Micheal Jackson and the Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z, sets Lerix up ready for 2011 to do what he came to do… Give the people what they want!

For more info and to download the new EP follow the link below:

Look out for him on Twitter & Facebook also!

Jessie J ft B.o.B- “Price Tag” (Official Music Video)


The more I find out about this girl’s talent and skill the more she makes me excited for what to expect off her. Jessica Ellen Cornish (born 27 March 1988) is a songwriter also! Taking the Critic’s Choice award at the BRIT’s this year, Jessie has been hard at work for quite a while now.

She co-wrote the Miley Cyrus hit “Party in the USA”, toured Europe with Chris Brown and has written tracks for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera. My oh my has the girl got swagger! “Price Tag” is Jessie’s 2nd single of her upcoming album “Who You Are” The truthful and memorable lyrics give us insight to what is actually is the norm now in the music world

“We need to take it back in time, when music made us all unite, and it wasn’t no girls and video hoes, am I the only one getting tired”

Sing it girl! What do you guys think of her so far? Could she be our UK Minaj? Let me know!

As you do, enjoy!