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Video Monday! 1st up- Game “Ain’t No doubt About It” ft Pharell & Justin Timberlake


Well what do we have here then?

2 of the most wanted men in the world has hooked up with Compton’s rapper The Game.

This track is a light heart fun felt good old summer time track, nothing to difficult to try to understand and analyse, just Game rapping about the beautiful women around him while letting Justin and Pharell ooze their handsome looks.

This one is for the ladies so girls get a bit of tissue to mop up the drool!

Enjoy xxx

*Music Marathon by*… Wretch32! (New Tracks!)


Mr Wretch32 also known as Jermaine Sinclair (who turns 26 next month) sure knows how to keep a song etched into someone’s head lol.

New music from the main man had been released and I for one am very excited, as we all know in this game you got to keep it moving to get to where you want to be.

So he has hooked up and collaborated with a few heavyweights in the game also making it a total of two new tracks we get to listen to!

First up is a track called “Unorthodox” featuring our very Example.

And the next is a remix off the incredible Mark Ronsons’ “Record Collection” teaming up alongside Professor Green, Pharrell Williams and Wiley.

Do you like? Which one catches your attention more? Comments please!

(West Music) Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell “Don’t Stop! Child Rebel Soldier”


It’s here a little late but I am very impressed with this week’s “G.O.O.D Friday” contribution.

With the lyrical goodness of Pharrell & Lupe Fiasco, again very impressed…

Enjoy xx