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Ron Isley & Lauryn Hill “Close To You” (Epic New Music!)


Lauryn Hill is one bad ass mamma! Since her return to the music world, it seems that every genre, every artist has embraced her welcome and now it looks like the turn of the one and only Ron Isley!

Collaborating & covering on the infamous Burt Bacharach’s song “Close To You” this track will be on the upcoming new album from Mr Isley entitled “Mr I”

This is amazing and a classic to have in your library of music… Enjoy xx

Lauryn Hill- “Repercussions”(New Music 2010)


Lauryn Hill was one of the most iconic females in R’n’B in the 90’s. As one part of the infamous group The Fugees, it seems as if Lauryn has resurfaced from her rock and has released- Repercussions.

Even though sources are not sure if they will be a follow-up to the track or if an album is in the works, this track defiatley lets us know that if Lauryn Hill does decide to return back to our world,our arms have been open since the day she left…

Check out the track, Lauryn Hill has something to say…

Enjoy xx