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The Jay & MC Hammer beef- Jay replies to MC Hammer’s Video “Better Run Run “



If you haven’t heard about it then look no further as I am about to bring you in. This story has been floating around online over the last couple of weeks with everyone’s tail wagging to hear “what happens next”. So I’ll tell ya!

It all started on the release of Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music track “I’m So Appalled”. Jay spits his verse and within it includes (“Hammer went broke so you know I’m all focused…”), King Hammer was none too pleased. In fact, he was so appalled that he started calling Jay-Z “hell boy” (a reference to his supposed worship of the devil), and warned us that he was going to release a track exposing Hova on Halloween. Well, Hammer delivered on his promise, going at Jigga with lines like “Devil can you give me a sign?/Throw the Roc up that’s one of mine.” He also claims that Jay-Z tried to “steal his swag.”

Not only did his Twitter take a battering, but he also went on to make a video: Check it out below:

Quite recently Jay picked up on the commotion and decided to comment: You would not expect this!