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Should RihRih Release Album No:6? Rihanna feat Calvin Harris “We Found Love” (New Music)


I’m not going to front, this one took a while to grow on me and I am still 50/50 on it. For me the lesser lyrics that have nothing else to grip onto but the eclectic 80’s dance beat left me wanting more.

Even though the video will be filled with bright colours and lots of Rihanna’s alluring figure, what is your opinion on her releasing ANOTHER album this Autumn? Me personally, I feel that she needs to hold off and go on a break as she, her record company and her loved ones know that the best lyrics come from living life.

Now I’m not saying she is not living, as she has worked hard to be where she is now. I like you don’t want her to burn herself out and cut off her longevity cord, which will be imminent if a break is not scheduled in the diary soon. Plus baby girl is still a baby so live and let live!

Are you feeling the track? Excited for the Video?
Let me know! xxx