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Nicole Scherzinger dubs Keri Hilson & Beyonce for new video “Right Here” feat 50 Cent (Exclusive!)


Now we all know that Nicole is super hot, and I loved her on The X Factor as I feel I personally take her more serious on a role like that as to her music, however it would be clever to also remember that having looks does not mean the whole package comes behind also.

Debuting from her new album, hooking up with 50Cent for new single “Right Here” is a sing-a-long pop track with elements of a Caribbean accent, the all female video girls (elements of Mrs Carter) and the nakedness and seductive dance moves a la Keri Hilson!

Even down to the costumes that have been chosen throughout the video, again influences of everyone mentioned above shows that not a lot of effort and time was put into it- however it’s passed the 2 million views on You Tube so the fella’s must be loving her body, which I must say is amazing!

Who’s waiting for the album release? (Cough cough)

Let me know what you think! Enjoy xx