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The Game enlists C.Breezy for a track winner- “Pot Of Gold” (Brand New Video)


It’s such a shame that Game tried to attract business/popularity and attention in the way that is soo played out now. If you didn’t catch onto what I was talking about indeed the “Otis” diss.
I’m just glad he realised to keep on pushing toward the top like everyone else.

Here is another track from the red blood- “Pot Of Gold”

Video Monday! 1st up- Game “Ain’t No doubt About It” ft Pharell & Justin Timberlake


Well what do we have here then?

2 of the most wanted men in the world has hooked up with Compton’s rapper The Game.

This track is a light heart fun felt good old summer time track, nothing to difficult to try to understand and analyse, just Game rapping about the beautiful women around him while letting Justin and Pharell ooze their handsome looks.

This one is for the ladies so girls get a bit of tissue to mop up the drool!

Enjoy xxx

*Bad Boy New Video* Travis Barker brings out the hip hop gang for “Can A Drummer Get Some” Remix


To be on a Travis Barker track is a big look as we salute the generic multi tasking genius which is him!

Check out the line up on the banger which is blazing everywhere “Can A Drummer Get Some” Remix!

Enjoy xx