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New Video- Nicki Minaj “Beez In The Trap” Ft 2 Chainz


You know when a rapper gets all the video chicks involved to keep all eyes on the visual, well Minaj has decided to jump on the same band wagon. Literally

This will keep males females and her stans quite happy…

CAUTION: Explicit content


New Music- DJ Khaled “Take It To The Head” Ft Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne


This is the first official track from the infamous DJ Khaled’s new EP entitled “Kiss The Ring”

Featuring R’n’B & hip hop’s finest heavyweights in the game right now serving up this track at a taster leaves an exciting feeling from what’s to come from the legendary DJ and his upcoming EP

What do you think?

New Music- Nicki Minaj “Right By My Side” ft Chris Brown & “Beez In The Trap ft 2Chainz”


I am so glad Rihanna stated what I had initially put out there as the reason behind working with Chris Brown. He IS the hottest R’nB artist doing it right now and the newest music champ advertising for Pepsi Ms Nicki Minaj has jumped on the train too. Currently in Japan and with recently just announcing her UK/ Europe Tour for this year that went on pre-sale this morning, it looks like she’s coming at us all guns blazing for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

“Right By My Side” is a mid tempo nice sway your hips to kind of track that Breezy brings to life. Straight. And without him it might have been a flop…


As for “Beez In The Trap” unfortunately again for me if it wasn’t for 2Chainz again this could have been another “oooo I dunno what to rap about so lemme just ummm make up a whole pile of nonsense” as that it was it sounds like…

Thoughts on the upcoming album? Are we looking at winner or a chick who has made it and is painfully taking the mick?

Drake performs off new album!!


From his highly awaited upcoming album Thank Me Later, we see Drake do his thing down in L.A. If you think this crowd is pumped, wait until he gets into Wireless in July! With some of the Young Money crew too to show them how they do, they must have had a good night down at Club Nokia!!

Young Money Baby!!

Enjoy xx