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(New Video)- Nas “The Don” (Explicit)


Nasty Nas is the man right now for me and with the release of new tracks “Black Girl Lost Pt 2 and Daughters” on every DJ’s needle right now his July EP release is all a long to wait for me! In regards to the video “The Don” I’m loving Nasir’s well kept ¬†appearance, looks like life has been good to him. Maybe if we could get a little UK promo or mini show before then?

Check out new track Daughters produced by the infamous No:ID below:

Here’s hoping!


New Music- Nas “Black Girl Lost” Pt.2


If you remember “Black Girl Lost” from Nas’s second memorable album “It Was Written” then I am sure you will be excited to know that he has decided to release a part 2 to the infamous track.

For me this is a winner as our pint-sized lyricist always keeps it real. Real men take note!

Check it out below

What do you think? Is it bang up to date?

When Two Prophets Collide You Got “Nothing To Lose” K’naan ft. Nas (Remix)- New Video



This beautiful beat gets intensified by two of the rap game’s realist lyrists of our generation. K’naan teams up with the great holy man Nas himself. This video for me is incredible and highly informative as every single word in this track should be taken seriously. And you know when you Nas gets on a track you gotta take a seat and listen to what the godfather of “speaking for our people” is spitting about.

Incredible. And because it is so simple that’s what makes it even more flipping brilliant.