#TendingWorldwide Beyonce Brings Her Video Treatment For “Party” – Andre 3000 +J Cole?


With Solange, Kelly and J Cole fashionable rapper Theophilus London, eye-wear designers Coco & Breezy and up-and-coming model Shaun D. Ross only submitted to 40 seconds of this very decadence and opulent party I have to say guys that I am a bit disappointed that Andre 3000 could not be a part of this track as I still feel that his verse was more suited for the occasion. Not at all am I saying that J Cole doesn’t “work” with the single and visual, but I feel that if Andre 3000 was on the set we have received a “less is more” celebration and B wouldn’t have been obliged to the multi dress changes which the majority shades her baby.

Look like someone watched the “We Found Love” Video then hey

What do you think of it all? As much as I respect my fellow Virgo, me myself as a parent was doing the same things as B was keeping busy while the bump grows. However sometimes less is more and quality will always reign over quantity so I really do have my fingers crossed and hope and pray that this is the last video for now, as her hormones seem to be edging to that stop button.

Comments please!


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