Lil Kim spits Venom into the full length “Black Friday” (Nicki Mianj Diss- Audio & Photos)



When it comes to these two ladies, I seriously do understand where each artist is coming from. I have listened to and respected both sides of the argument


Wether this was Kim plan to be re-welcomed into the hip hop circle, or even if she is genuinely upset, everyone knows that you DO NOT bring others into a fight!

The full audio of Lil Kim’s new record “Black Friday” premiered early yesterday morning in the US on New York’s Hot 97. In the diss track, aimed at Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim name drops Drake, Lil Wayne & Diddy….

“You and Diddy, sorry bunch of swagger jackers /i mothered you hoes, i should claim you on my income taxes”

Drake… Diddy & Lil Wayne= 3 more tracks?? You tell me! xx

Copy and paste the link and go to the 2nd audio to LISTEN to the VENOM!!! xxx


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