(X-Factor News) Bootcamp has ended… Let’s Welcome the Top 32!


Did you tune for your weekend dose of the X-Factor? Well if you missed out, let’s do a little recap for ya!

Over 200,000 people applied for this year’s X Factor. After auditions in Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow,
London and Manchester. And with guest judges over the past weeks and Nicole Scherzinger (who did an AMAZING job) and helped finalize the decisions with Simon and Louis the hopefuls have now been whittled down to just 32.

So with Dannii ready for her next set of kids and Cheryl back to normal health, here are the judges groups and my top favourites (Boot camp challenge clips)!

Simon Cowell and The Groups

New Direction are one of two new groups put together by the judges. This boy band is made up of contestants that originally auditioned as soloists: Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik.

This new girl group is also made up of contestants that originally auditioned as soloists: Rebecca Creighton, Geneva Lane, Esther Campbell and Sophia Wardman.

Cheryl has The Girls!

She must be so smug right now! check out her line up…

Annastasia Baker

Katie Waissel

Gamuchirai Nhengu

Rebecca Ferguson

Raquel Thomas

Check out Danni’s boys!

Aiden Grimshaw

The Over 28’s and Louis!

That’s it! Were ready for the next stage which is of course Judges Houses, and then on to the Live Shows. Any faces that make you go “Who are you” forget them now and concentrate on the ones that we hope may catch a break! For the last in the series, this maybe the best one yet…



Your Thoughts?

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