Nadine Coyle (Exclusive Snippet 2010) “Insaitable”


I am sad to hear the rumours that are in the mills when it comes to our favourite girl group Girls Aloud.

Even though we still do not know the fate of the fabulous five, I just could not see them hold up vocally without Nadine Coyle.

All the girls bring their own style and talent to the group which we have all grown to love, but in the same breath, since all five have taken a break their individual careers give light to the girls other interests and commitments.

It is clear however that Nadine will be releasing a solo album like pal Cheryl and has signed a deal with Tesco. So as I am a frequent shopper in the mainstream store, I thought it would only be my duty to have a listen, and you guys will not be disappointed as FYI- please remember Nadine (unlike her fellow band mates) can actually really sing!!

Meow, I know but the truth hurts!! Let me know if you agree with me! xx


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  1. Hey Tash,
    I think ur absolutely right and so does the rest of the sane world. Nadine does have a baf ass voice and I noticed it even more when she was doing a cover with Boyz 11 men. Luv ya, mimz

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