Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon ARE having a baby! (Photo’s)


A couple of months ago (about the time Alicia & Swizz announced their pregnancy) there were another couple in the midst that had the same story as them. This couple though, after days of the rumoured speculation tried to fob us off with their dog giving birth!

Now I can reveal to you all that the trips to the fertility clinic was in order for Mariah and Nick to try to conceive also. At least with the dog it’s all naturale!!

Last night a couple of pictures surfaced online which confirmed the growing bump for months now. Even though the couple have not publicly informed anyone a fellow member of Camp Mariah sent a letter to his sister confirming the pregnancy!

She writes:

My 13 year old brother is in the Fresh Air Fund program that always goes to Camp Mariah every year for 3 weeks. So every year for the past three years, either her or Nick (when she’s busy), comes to visit the kids, inspires them, boosts up their confidence, etc. When my brother came back from camp last week, he called me at work and all I wanted to know was “did you get to see Mariah again”! Well to my surprise he goes “She couldn’t come this year, she’s pregnant”….So I’m like “what! Thats a rumor, she’s not pregnant”. He goes “No that’s what the counselors told us! She also did a video conference with the camp to apologize for not making it and we all saw her fat belly”. LMAO @ fat belly, but yeah, from the mouth of a 13 year old, Mariah Carey is pregnant.

Congratulations to the happy couple xx


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